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Steve-O: Demise and Rise

Airs on Sunday, May 3rd at 10pm ET/PT.

Hello Everyone, Lasting for six weeks on Dancing With The Stars was hysterical, thanks so much for the tremendous amount of support that made that possible! I really learned a whole lot from that experience, and I can't thank you all...


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  2. Over one year sober now and fresh off a comeback stint on ABC's 'Dancing With the Stars', Steve-O is set to bare his soul and everything else in 'Steve-O: Demise and Rise', a brutally honest one-hour special about his descent into madness and the consequent intervention that saved his life.

  3. From behind the scenes of ABC's 'Dancing with the Stars', to exclusive outtakes from 'Steve-O: Demise and Rise', head on over to for the latest from Steve-O.

  4. Check out a sneak peek of 'Steve-O: Demise and Rise' here and learn about a little known pact made at the onset of jackass number two and Johnny Knoxville points out the importance of "family" in Steve-O's life.