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  1. Aired 11/21/07 The road to Menudo ends here with the final 5 being chosen after a performance for an Epic Recrods exec.

  2. Aired 11/19/07 With only Chris and Trevor left in the mix, Johnny has them perform against eachother with the boy in Menudo backing them up.

  3. Aired 11/16/07 Johnny mixes it up this week by giving both groups very challenging songs which forces the three guys left In The Mix to sink or swim.

  4. Aired 11/15/07 Johnny takes Menudo back to its roots as he has both groups performing Spanish language hits this week.

  5. Aired 11/14/07 With the new kid, Emmanuel, it's down to the final 10. Johnny pits the "In The Mix" guys against the boys in Menudo as both groups will be performing.

  6. Aired 11/13/07 Jose's bad attitude is still veering it's ugly head; but its Chris, Trevor and Carlos who are in the spot light that will have to prove their future in the competition.

  7. Aired 11/12/07 Jose, Henry and Thomas are chosen for Group 4, but Jose's bad attitude threatens the band's performance.

  8. Aired 11/09/07 Johnny teams up Hansel, Pena and Eric, but when none of them impress Johnny, he decides to throw out the rules and add a surprise addition to Menudo.

  9. Aired 11/05/07 Jorge, JC and Dennis are chosen to perform but the group struggles when JC's talent doesn't reach the level of his good looks.

  10. Aired 10/29/07 Johnny Wright puts the Menudo hopefuls straight to work. Watch Monti, JG, and Antony be the first to perform in the Menudo band. Watch and see who makes the cut and has the first spot in Menudo.