Making Menudo | Cast Bios

Cast Bios

  1. Antony grew up in Miami and attends the prestigious New World School of the Arts. He is easily one of the more popular kids in the penthouse because of his personality and sense of humor. Antony is always lightening the mood by cracking jokes or... Read More

  2. Carlos writes his own beats and can freestyle with the best of them, blending his Mexican heritage with his Chicago street smarts. And as one of the older members of the cast, he is seen as the cool older brother who tries to keep the group... Read More

  3. Christopher is a quiet, shy kid from the Bronx, New York, with a big voice. Christopher impressed Johnny Wright at the New York audition with his unusual, smoky quality sound -- earning a trip to Miami. But now, Christopher is faced with the... Read More

  4. Born and raised in New York City, Dennis is the oldest of the finalists. He began performing at a very young age when he was enrolled at the prestigious High School for the Performing Arts in New York City. Already an accomplished backup singer... Read More

  5. As the only person to advance from the LA audition, Eric comes to the penthouse a bit cocky. His dancing is really what sets him apart from the rest of the kids, but his challenge is to get his singing up to a similar level. Meanwhile, the other... Read More

  6. Hansel is one of the older guys in the penthouse and doesn't have the patience to put up with some of the younger finalists. Hansel, always brutally honest, has a potential conflict with Pena over how best to prepare for their performances. In... Read More

  7. Henry has always lived in his twin brother's shadow, and this is the first time he is stepping out on his own. In the past, this New Jersey native has struggled with whether or not he could overcome his shy, almost timid, demeanor, and unleash the... Read More

  8. JC has the typical "Boy Band" looks that makes the girls go crazy, but lacks experience singing or dancing at a professional level. His family came to the U.S. from Columbia because JC's brother needed specialized medical treatment and a major part... Read More

  9. JG, the youngest of the finalists, is one on the more talented singers in the penthouse, and he knows it. JG has been grooming himself to be the next Latin singing sensation, but Menudo is a group and not a solo gig. Many of his potential... Read More

  10. Jorge was discovered singing in a bathroom. Though Jorge does not possess "traditional" boy band looks, he wowed the judges at the Miami audition with his big voice and great personality. Jorge must now try to convince Johnny Wright that his looks... Read More

  11. Jose grew up in Puerto Rico, a huge fan of the original Menudo. It has been a lifetime dream to be a member of Menudo, and he has the potential to become the lead singer. However, you need more than just talent to lead, you need respect. At times,... Read More

  12. Monti, originally from Puerto Rico, is a military brat that has traveled the world. Monti's mom is a huge Menudo fan and dreams that her son may someday follow in the legendary footsteps of past members of the group. Now Monti is faced with the... Read More

  13. Pena was born to be a star, or so he thinks. He started acting at a young age and has already made appearances on hit shows like "ER". After wowing Johnny Wright in the Miami auditions, Pena comes to the penthouse as the showbiz vet. Rather than... Read More

  14. If a positive attitude and determination were the requirements to make Menudo -- Thomas would already be in the band. Rejected in the Dallas audition, Thomas made his way to New York and finally got the invite to come to Miami. Thomas now knows... Read More

  15. Trevor is the kid that everyone likes -- especially the girls. He's a jock who plays drums in his alt-rock band in California, and describes himself as a "dangerous competitor". He comes to the penthouse as one of the youngest hopefuls looking to... Read More