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  1. Aired 12/14/07 Kaya has to make her mind up on a lot of things: her solo career, the future of Crossing Coldwater, her parents, Natalee's disloyalty, and of course... Gunnar and Taylor.

  2. Aired 12/07/07 Kaya is shaken by her Mom's appearance and the band struggles to keep it together.

  3. Aired 12/06/07 All though Crossing Coldwater's career is sky rocketing, the band itself is starting to unravel.

  4. Aired 12/04/07 Kaya quickly becomes BFF with her idol that has some other motives and a date with Taylor ends horribly wrong.

  5. Aired 11/30/07 A sex tape of Kaya from when she was 18 surfaces, and the person who owns it wants her to pay 500,000 dollars for it.

  6. Aired 11/30/07 A new album track has leaked onto the radio, while Gunnar and Taylor butt heads over Kaya.

  7. Aired 11/29/07 The temperature is getting cranked up with Kaya and Taylor's one-night fling, while the band scores their first hit.

  8. Aired 11/25/07 It's all fun and games when partying like a rock star, but sometimes it just has to catch up.

  9. Aired 10/29/07 Kaya is forced to jump through hoops after walking off stage and receiving heavy criticism from her management, label, and fans alike.

  10. Aired 10/22/07 When Kaya is forced to choose between major label success and maintaining her integrity she must make a difficult decision.