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Ep. 10: Go Your Own Way
A restless Gunnar lies awake next to a soundly sleeping Kat while Kaya and Taylor share a laugh across town after another wild night together. As Kaya gets dressed, Taylor pleads for her to get back in bed. Although she clearly wants to stay, she...

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  1. Posted 12/12/2007 14 photos

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A restless Gunnar lies awake next to a soundly sleeping Kat while Kaya and Taylor share a laugh across town after another wild night together. As Kaya gets dressed, Taylor pleads for her to get back in bed. Although she clearly wants to stay, she can't be late for her recording session with Lil B.

In the studio, Kaya and Lil B belt out a killer track. When they're finished, laughs and high-fives go all around and Kaya is surprised about how much fun she's having without the guys from Crossing Coldwater.

Excited about the potential hit on their hands, Don takes this opportunity to tell Kaya about the new record label that wants to launch her solo career. Kaya is both confused and annoyed. How could she desert the band?

As Don tries to convince Kaya that it's the right thing to do, Kaya remembers an argument she had with him about college. She's reminded about all the sacrifices he made so that he could afford to send her to college -- and how she decided not to go to school in order to pursue her dream of becoming a rock star. He wasn't happy about the decision, but he certainly helped her get to the point that she's at now. Maybe it's time to return the favor.

Meanwhile, Taylor is expecting Manny to pick him up for a physical therapy appointment. But Gunnar arrives instead. The two immediately dig into each other about their recent trysts. Gunnar accuses Taylor of just using Kaya, saying he will kick her to the curb when he's done with her. In retaliation, Taylor points out that Gunnar is a class act for hooking up with Kaya's rival Kat.

Distrust seems to be the special of the day as Kaya spots a scandalous tabloid story about her Taylor-Gunnar love triangle and that old-school sex tape she thought had been destroyed. Who would betray her like this? Kaya knows exactly who: her mother.

Kaya angrily heads to her father's house, tossing the magazine on the kitchen table for both her parents to see. She reveals that she always suspected that her mother came back to strike it rich. Kaya's mother refutes the allegations, but Kaya doesn't believe her.

Desperate to find someone she can trust, Kaya seeks out Natalee. After the initial shock of seeing each other for the first time since the VMAs wears off, Kaya tells a quizzical Natalee about the article. Natalee looks deeply concerned when Kaya claims her mother leaked the story.

A teary-eyed Kaya begs Natalee to be her friend again -- after all, Natalee's the only person Kaya can really trust. Without a word, Natalee embraces Kaya. It looks like they're BFFs again.

Later, at a meeting with her potential new label, Kaya insists she is staying loyal to Crossing Coldwater, but the label's president reminds her that leaving Destiny's Child wasn't exactly a bad move for Beyoncé. Looks like Kaya has a difficult decision to make ... or does she?

When Kaya heads to her dad's office, she finds Gunnar and Manny waiting there. They tell her that their tour was cancelled because their sponsor found out about Taylor's DUI and drug problem. Kaya is shocked; she thought Metro Sound's Rossi was going to cover everything up. Eyeing her father suspiciously, she wonders why Taylor isn't around.

After rushing out of her father's office, Kaya finds Taylor lolling around her bed high as a kite. Totally ticked, she hunts for his stash of pain killers. But in her frantic search she finds something much worse: needles. Perhaps Taylor has bigger issues than she thought.

After sobering up, Taylor has a talk with the band. He thinks he can handle getting clean on his own, but they demand that he check himself into rehab ASAP. Kaya leaves Taylor with an ultimatum: Deal with his problems head-on or she walks out of his life forever. She has no intention of reliving what happened with her sister.

Kaya returns home to find a tearful Natalee on her doorstep. Thinking that her friend wants to move back in, Kaya is floored when Natalee admits that she is the one who talked to the tabloid.

Natalee reveals that she was so angry over the VMA dress debacle that she got drunk and wound up accidentally airing Kaya's dirty laundry to a reporter. When she realized what she had done, Natalee begged the rag not to print the story, but it was too late. She apologizes profusely, but Kaya just walks away.

Realizing that she made a terrible mistake, Kaya goes to see her mother. After apologizing for the wrongfully accusations, Kaya admits that she still can't trust her mother. With that, Kaya's mother grabs her things and decides it's time to leave again.

Kaya closes her eyes and remembers when she got her first record deal. After signing on the dotted line, Kaya bought her sister a Porsche. But after an angry argument with Kaya, her sister drove off ... high.

Kaya snaps out of it and asks her mother to stay. But it's too little too late. Kaya's mother walks out of her life again.

With her mother gone, Kaya finds her father to talk business. He pushes her to sign with the new label, but his commitment to her success arouses her suspicion. She accuses her father of deliberately sabotaging the tour by revealing Taylor's problems to the sponsor.

Later, Taylor hugs Kaya and tells her he's checking into rehab ... but he needs her by his side in order to make it through. Happy about his decision and willing to be there for him, Kaya squeezes him tight. As Taylor goes to pack his bags, Gunnar walks in.

Hoping to explain his fling with Kat, Gunnar admits he only did it because he was "hating" Kaya that night. He says he made a mistake, just like she's making a mistake with Taylor. As he confesses his undying love for her, Taylor walks in. Caught in the middle of two lovesick boys, a confused Kaya leaves Gunnar and Taylor to stare each other down.

Unsure about what to do next, Kaya seeks refuge at her sister's gravesite. There, her sister's ghost appears to tell Kaya to stop blaming herself -- and others -- for the car accident. When asked what she's going to do about Crossing Coldwater, the new record label and Gunnar and Taylor, Kaya just walks away with a smile. She knows exactly what she's going to do...