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Ep. 9: With Or Without You
Kaya hides out in a corner at a party, pleading with Natalee via voicemail to call her back. Apparently, Natalee quickly moved out after discovering that Kaya didn't wear her handmade dress to the MTV Video Music Awards. After she hangs up, Kaya...

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  1. Posted 12/07/2007 10 photos

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Kaya hides out in a corner at a party, pleading with Natalee via voicemail to call her back. Apparently, Natalee quickly moved out after discovering that Kaya didn't wear her handmade dress to the MTV Video Music Awards. After she hangs up, Kaya notices that none of her Crossing Coldwater bandmates are talking to each other.

Noticing the tension, Rossi brings the band together to congratulate them on winning the Video of the Year award. And he has a surprise -- Metro Sound has decided to get them started on their second album. Despite the good news, the group is far from excited. They disband with little fanfare, returning to their separate corners.

Taken aback by their indifference, Rossi asks Don what's going on. Clearly, the idea of replacing Taylor hasn't gone over very well. When Rossi demands that the band goes back in the studio ASAP, Don reminds him that he's working on a very lucrative deal for Kaya.

Meanwhile, Gunnar pulls Kaya aside as Taylor eyes them suspiciously. When Gunnar confesses that he wants to get back together, Kaya says she doesn't want to be with him unless she's 100% sure it's the right thing to do. And right now, she has feelings for Taylor. A heartbroken Gunnar runs off, leaving Kaya worried that her relationship with Taylor could affect the band.

After seeing what just went down, Kaya's nemesis Kat walks over and jokes about pursuing Gunnar now that he's available. Kaya laughs in her face, saying there's no way Gunnar would want to be with a talentless tramp. As the argument escalates, all eyes are on the two starlets. When things really get heated, a defensive Kat shoves Kaya in the pool. Maybe that will cool her off.

In her room that night, Kaya calls Natalee again to no avail. As she looks at her awards, an apparition of her dead sister appears to remind Kaya of all the things she's done wrong -- betraying Natalee, breaking Gunnar's heart and falling for a "druggie" like Taylor. Just then, the doorbell rings. Kaya rushes to answer it, convinced it's Natalee. Instead, she is shocked to find her long lost mother standing on the doorstep.

Reeling from the unexpected pop-in, Kaya is suspicious about the timing of her mother's return. She thinks it's very convenient this is all happening after Crossing Coldwater won at the VMAs. Her mother says she just wants to be part of Kaya's life again, but Kaya demands an explanation about why she disappeared so many years ago. It turns out her mom was depressed and thought the family would be better off without her.

Unswayed, Kaya blames her mother for her sister's death, which was drug related. Disgusted that her mother didn't even show up for the funeral, Kaya says she'll never be able to forgive and forget. Disappointed, her mother leaves a teary-eyed Kaya with more questions than answers.

Kaya heads to the recording studio, where Gunnar and Taylor are arguing. Rossi stops by to tell them that if they don't finish their next album in a timely manner, he'll be plenty angry himself. He also reveals that he has handpicked Kat -- yes, the girl who pushed Kaya into the pool -- to tour with them. Kaya is furious, but Rossi explains that their rivalry is precisely what makes it such a lucrative opportunity.

Not finished being the bearer of bad news, Rossi goes on to explain that the tour cannot be postponed as originally planned. That means Taylor must be replaced until he fully recovers. Upon hearing this, Taylor walks out and Kaya follows him.

Outside, Kaya apologizes to Taylor, saying they will never replace him. But he doesn't care about that; he cares about what she and Gunnar were talking about at the party. Kaya assures him that she only has eyes for him, causing him to plant a big kiss on her.

Meanwhile, Don is meeting with a rival record label that is interested in launching Kaya's solo career. Though Don was initially on-board, he starts having second thoughts when he learns that he'd have to cancel Crossing Coldwater's tour so Kaya can get to work right away.

As Don contemplates his decision, Natalee busts into Kaya's house and quickly retrieves some things she left behind. Kaya follows her around, prying answers from her former best friend. Natalee angrily explains that she bent over backwards for Kaya, and in return Kaya walked all over her. She reminds Kaya of her broken promise and calls her a backstabber before storming off.

The next day, Kaya learns that her father has known the whereabouts of her mother for some time. He explains that when she left, Kaya's mother was suicidal and checked herself into a hospital. Despite her father being happy about the potential family reunion, Kaya does not trust her mother's intentions.

After a romantic date filled with champagne-fueled kisses, Kaya and Taylor walk into their usual hangout. There, Gunnar and Manny are having drinks with Kat. When they spot each other, Gunnar grabs Kaya and angrily tells her not to rub his face in her relationship with Taylor. Afraid the band is heading for a breakup, Kaya and Taylor split.

At the studio the next day, Kaya excitedly talks about the upcoming tour, prompting Manny and Gunnar to reveal that they have cancelled their side projects. The whole band seems to be coming together with the prospect of hitting the road and making some money.

All's well until Don delivers what he thinks is good news. He has managed to postpone the tour, which gives Taylor time to heal and Kaya time to do a duet with Lil B. Everyone is shocked. No one realized her side project was a done deal. Sick of all the games, Gunnar angrily walks away.

When Kaya goes to Gunnar's house to talk to him, she sees something she never, ever expected -- Gunnar and Kat making out on the couch. Is everything really falling apart?