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Ep. 8: While My Guitar Gently Weeps
After hearing about Kaya and Taylor's car wreck on the radio, Gunnar busts through the hospital doors searching for answers. He finds Kaya at the end of the hall with Manny and her father Don. Quickly embracing Kaya, Gunnar admits he was scared that...

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  1. Posted 12/06/2007 10 photos

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After hearing about Kaya and Taylor's car wreck on the radio, Gunnar busts through the hospital doors searching for answers. He finds Kaya at the end of the hall with Manny and her father Don. Quickly embracing Kaya, Gunnar admits he was scared that he had lost her forever. Kaya tells him that she's OK, but Taylor is lucky to be alive.

Don takes Kaya aside and asks if she told anyone that Taylor was driving while high on prescription pills. Her eyes widen. She had no idea; she would have never gotten in the car with him if she had known. These feelings jog Kaya's memory back to the night of her sister's death. She remembers arriving at the hospital just in time to watch her sister's lifeless body get taken away.

Later, Taylor wakes up in intensive care to find a sleeping Kaya at his side. After she explains what happened, the rest of Crossing Coldwater arrives to check on him. When Don comes in, he announces that they have been nominated at the MTV Video Music Awards for Video of the Year, and reminds them about their upcoming tour. His suggestion about finding a temporary guitarist is instantly vetoed by Kaya, who declares that they will not tour until Taylor is 100%.

The group files out, but Kaya stays behind. Alone with her at last, Taylor asks Kaya for a kiss. She obliges, not realizing that her father is still pacing outside and has caught the two lovebirds sharing a tender moment.

While talking to Rossi from Metro Sound, Don finds himself in a bind. Apparently, Taylor got the drugs at the record label's party, leaving them potentially liable. Rossi reveals that he can make the drug charges against Taylor "go away" ... under one condition: Crossing Coldwater plays the VMAs with a substitute guitarist.

Although he wants to honor his daughter's wishes, Don informs Taylor that he must give the rest of the band the OK when it comes to using another guitarist. There are no Get Out of Jail Free cards in the music industry.

In the studio, Kaya continues to fight for Taylor, refusing to play with anyone else. But when Evan, the charming and humble replacement guitarist hired by Rossi, casually strolls in, she starts to change her tune. Not only is he talented and good looking, but he played with Avril Lavigne and co-wrote several hits songs. She might as well give him a shot, right?

Kaya flashes back to the first time she played with Crossing Coldwater. Though it took some convincing to get the guys to dump their "no girls" policy and let her try out, Kaya blew them away once she started singing. Remembering the rush of playing with a new band, she listens to Evan play, and digs his skills.

At home, Natalee gleefully puts the finishing touches on the original dress she is making for Kaya to wear to the VMAs. They had always dreamed of the day when Kaya would be a star and Natalee would design her dresses. Natalee is especially pumped because getting her name mentioned on the red carpet is sure to boost her career.

Don goes to visit Taylor at the hospital, bearing burgers and some good news. He tells Taylor that he'll be healthy enough to attend the VMAs ... but he still can't perform. After a phone call from Rossi prompts Don to leave, Taylor discovers a magazine article which claims that Crossing Coldwater has already replaced him. When Gunnar drops in for a visit, he tries to convince Taylor that it's all lies. But a furious Taylor accuses his bandmate of purposefully screwing him over because Kaya's into him, not Gunnar.

Later, Don surprises Kaya with a beautiful dress that Metro Sound wants her to wear to the VMAs. She declines, but eyes it with particular interest as Don explains the deal he cut with Rossi. The tour will be postponed until Taylor recovers, but Kaya must use that time to record a duet with Lil B. Kaya initially balks at the idea, worried that the other band members won't tolerate it. But Don hints that Gunnar and Manny could have individual projects of their own. Frustrated, Kaya eyes the dress once more.

At the VMAs, Kaya's living it up ... in the dress Metro Sound gave her, not the Natalee original. However, the glamour quickly wears off after Crossing Coldwater's performance with Evan.

First, rival singer and fellow VMA nominee Kat needles Kaya about not having a chance in hell of winning the Video of the Year award. Then, Taylor accuses the band of stabbing him in the back, prompting a major argument that reveals Gunnar's plans to tour with Maroon 5 and Manny's acting gig in a Quentin Tarantino movie. Just then, Natalee walks by and discovers Kaya's treacherous fashion decision. Kaya tries to explain, but Natalee walks away without saying a word.

While waiting to hear whether they won Video of the Year, the fighting continues. This time, it gets personal when Gunnar accuses Taylor of bragging about his relationship with Kaya. Just as things are about to explode, Crossing Coldwater is announced as the winner!

Totally stunned, the band is forced to set aside their differences and accept the award. Maybe the crowd chanting "Kaya! Kaya!" will help smooth things over ... or maybe not.