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Ep. 7: Sympathy For The Devil
Kaya is relaxing by the pool when Taylor walks over to give her a sensual massage. They start kissing and she tells him that he can have her whenever he wants. Just as things start to get really hot, she wakes up to the sound of a lawnmower outside...

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  1. Posted 12/04/2007 9 photos

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Kaya is relaxing by the pool when Taylor walks over to give her a sensual massage. They start kissing and she tells him that he can have her whenever he wants. Just as things start to get really hot, she wakes up to the sound of a lawnmower outside her window. Damn, it was only a dream.

A little disconcerted, Kaya heads downstairs to find Natalee going through a box of Kaya's old cassette recordings. Natalee mentions she heard Kaya yelling Taylor's name during the night and questions why Kaya broke up with a good guy like Gunnar only to hook up with bad boys. Denying her interest in Taylor, Kaya walks away.

Later that day, Rossi comes into the studio while Crossing Coldwater is jamming to tell them that he loves the new album so much that he is going to throw them a huge release party. Rossi then presents them with VIP tickets to a Lakers game and gives Kaya a day pass to the best spa in Beverly Hills.

At the spa, Kaya is joined in the hot tub by an older woman who turns out to be retired rock star Aurora, Kaya's long-time musical idol. The two immediately hit it off and Aurora asks Kaya to join her at Fashion Week in New York City. Naturally, Kaya says yes.

After the Lakers game, Crossing Coldwater hits a club. When Taylor tells Kaya he had a hot dream about her the night before, she bites her tongue and shrugs him off. Taylor tells her that he's still interested and walks away, leaving Kaya secretly smiling.

While packing for New York City, Natalee gives Kaya a hard time about being left behind. Unfortunately, her words fall on deaf ears. In NYC with Kaya by her side, Aurora soaks up the spotlight as photographers crowd around her hoping to get a shot of Kaya on the red carpet. The paparazzi then follow the duo during a shopping spree and out partying, and the photos turn up on the front pages of tabloids.

When they get back to Los Angeles, Kaya and Aurora continue partying, much to the chagrin of Natalee, who is feeling more and more left out. At a club, Kaya spots Taylor getting a little too friendly with a couple of ladies. As Kaya and Aurora make a beeline for the door, Taylor stops Kaya to tell her that he misses her. Kaya just walks away chuckling with Aurora.

The two-person party of Kaya and Aurora continues in Kaya's living room. They talk about music until, at Aurora's insistence, Kaya picks up a guitar and plays a song she started writing a long time ago and might record in the future.

The next morning, Kaya learns that Natalee really misses hanging out with her. Kaya suggests they sit down with a bowl of popcorn in front of the TV to chill out and catch up. As they watch the news, a report about Aurora staging a comeback shows footage of the washed up star recording the song that Kaya had played for her. Aurora has stolen Kaya's song!

Remembering that Aurora said she goes to the same spa every week, Kaya heads there to confront her about the stolen song. However, Kaya learns that Aurora lied -- she was only at the spa that one time. Now Kaya is really angry.

Later, Crossing Coldwater performs at an outdoor album release party. After their set, Taylor approaches Kaya to ask her out on a proper date. Kaya tells him she'll think about it.

While working the crowd at the after-party, Kaya is called over by Rossi, who's with Aurora. Rossi excitedly tells Kaya that he has just signed Aurora to Metro Sound. When Rossi leaves, Kaya calls Aurora out for using her to get back in the spotlight. Aurora admits that's exactly what she did, saying "all is fair in love, war and the music business."

After Aurora walks away, Natalee runs up to give Kaya an original tape recording of the stolen song. As Natalee suggests they use the tape to "out" Aurora as a thief, Kaya has a flashback. She remembers that as a teenager, when her sister and father were having a terrible fight, she sought refuge in her room while listening to Aurora. When she snaps out of it, she tells Natalee not to release the tape because Aurora was there for her when she needed someone and she wants to repay the favor.

At the bar, Taylor is popping pills in between taking shots when Kaya tells him she wants to go on that date ... now. The two blow off the party and have a wild time driving with the top down, completely ignoring the rules of the road. After giving Kaya a kiss, Taylor slams into another car. When Kaya comes to, the car is all smashed up and Taylor is lying in a bloody heap on the road.