Kaya | Cast Bios

Cast Bios

  1. As rising rock star Kaya, Danielle Savre plays the lead singer of Crossing Coldwater. Kaya is trying to stay true to herself while living the rock and roll lifestyle and dealing with ruined relationships, hidden jealousies and heartbreaking... Read More

  2. As Crossing Coldwater's drummer, Gunnar, Cory Monteith plays a super-hot, bighearted guy who has never stopped caring about his ex-girlfriend -- the band's lead singer and show namesake Kaya. But he's unsure how or if he wants to win her back.... Read More

  3. On Kaya, Joe MacLeod plays Manny, Crossing Coldwater's bassist, who hopes his new status as a rock star will finally make him a favorite with the ladies. Will he find the girl of his dreams? When he's not looking for love on Kaya,... Read More

  4. Playing Crossing Coldwater's troubled guitarist Taylor, Justin Wilczynski develops strong feelings for his bandmate Kaya. But, before he can pursue a relationship with the alluring lead singer, Taylor must deal with his inner demons. Before... Read More

  5. Mike Dopud plays Crossing Coldwater's no-nonsense business manager, Don, who'll do anything to see that the band succeeds, probably because lead singer Kaya is his daughter. But despite being her dad, he doesn't always have her best interests at... Read More

  6. As Rossi, Robert Moloney plays the record label executive who wants Kaya and Crossing Coldwater to be successful -- no matter what the price. Will he help make them or break them? Aside from Kaya, Robert most recently guest starred on the... Read More

  7. Jessica Parker Kennedy plays Natalee, Kaya's personal assistant and best friend since high school. With Kaya's help, Natalee hopes to realize her childhood dream of becoming a famous fashion designer. Aside from appearing on Kaya, Jessica... Read More

  8. On Kaya, Eric Benet portrays award-winning music producer T Davis, who is hired by Crossing Coldwater's record company to work on the band's new album. But sometimes he's at odds with what Kaya and the band want artistically. Outside of... Read More