Backstage Pass Week

  1. 'TRL' host Damien Fahey takes to the stage with his band, The Classic Futures, in a very special home-brewed 'TRL' performance.

  2. Get the scoop on the most promising up-and-comers you haven't heard of yet, on this brand new 'TRL' segment.

  3. The Canadian rapper stopped by 'TRL' to perform 'Dangerous'... with AKON! OMG! Watch the video now and try to calm down.

  4. There's no denying the fact that we're hooked on Katy. We're big enough to admit it. On Thursday, we're gonna go on the road to visit her, but to hold you over, watch her awesome recent FNMTV performance of "I Kissed a Girl."

  5. Meet the cast of 'American Teen,' the movie that's threatening to overthrow 'The Breakfast Club' as best high school movie ever.

  6. Take a look at 'Fall For You,' by Cali-based balladeer John Vesely. You might know him better as Secondhand Serenade, and this will prepare you to scream accordingly when he does his thing live on 'TRL' on Monday.

  7. Ever since that iPod commercial took the world by storm, we can't get enough of the U.K. duo. Watch 'Shut Up and Let Me Go' for the umpteenth time now as you bide your time before their 'TRL' visit on Wednesday.