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"True Life: I Live
In A Brothel"

True Life: I Live In A Brothel

"True Life: I Live In A Brothel" premiered April 5th at 10:00 p.m. (check the Weekly Schedule for repeats).

Prostitution is said to be the world's oldest profession, yet Nevada is the only state in the country where women legally can sell themselves for money. This is the story of Salt Wells, a small, desert whore house in Fallon, Nevada -- once a stop on the pony express -- and the women who work and live there. Viewers meet Jewel, who at just 21 years old, is already the mother of three and has temporarily left her children with her estranged husband to earn fast cash. They also meet Strawberry, a 42-year-old newcomer to prostitution, Laura, a 19-year veteran and the 62-year-old manager Marge.

Churchill County law mandates that no women other than prostitutes with working cards are allowed on brothel premises. To gain access, MTV's female producers underwent the same weekly mandatory medical exam as working girls to acquire such cards and enter Salt Wells' gates. What they found on Highway 50 East (officially dubbed "The Loneliest Highway in America") inside a small cinderblock house was a bevy of women with families, histories of rape, drug and domestic abuse, desperately looking for acceptance, and monetary mobility. "I look at my kids pictures everyday," Jewel says who rationalizes her absence as a mother by saying she will earn money for her kids' college funds. "But usually I keep them in the armoire because customers don1t like looking at my family."

"True Life: I Live In A Brothel" brings viewers closer to the reality of prostitution, the men who frequent the houses and the girls who live the life of selling sex for money. "I love paying for sex because it assures no romantic entanglements, says Jeremy, a 20-year-old customer who is blind. Pressed as to what might be the profession's downside Jeremy offers, "At first it must be all fun and games but after a while it must start to take its toll." I live in a Brothel reveals how three women at different stages in the world1s oldest profession experience that toll.

"True Life: I'm A
Going To Mardi Gras"

True Life: I'm Going To Mardi Gras

"True Life: I'm Going To Mardi Gras" premiered March 29th at 10:00 p.m. (check the Weekly Schedule for repeats).

Mardi Gras is often billed as the biggest party of the year, conjuring up images of crazy drunkenness and flashing breasts for beads. This year the crowds swelled to record numbers as 2 million people descended on New Orleans to celebrate. Beyond the crowds on Bourbon Street however, lies another side of Mardi Gras; one steeped in timeless traditions and a rich cultural history.

True Life: I'm Going To Mardi Gras will take us inside the greatest party of the year and uncover what is at the heart of this age old celebration.

Join us as we ride along with a group of rowdy fraternity brothers from the University of Wisconsin as they make the sixteen hour drive to New Orleans in search of the perfect party. What follows is a non-stop party rampage through the French Quarter; downing daiquiris, kissing strangers, sucking the heads of crawfish and negotiating beads for breasts at every balcony. We brush shoulders with Playboy playmates and Jesus fanatics alike until the sun rises over the Mississippi. Then it's crash time across the seats of their rented van until it1s time to rock again. Forget personal hygiene or proper nutrition: the focus here is party time- millennium style.

We also explore the traditional world of Mardi Gras krewes, the secretive organizations responsible for throwing the exclusive balls and wild parades that make this celebration unique. Each Krewe has a carefully selected royal Court and we will follow two "Royal Maids," Whitney and Yasmin, as they journey through the time-honored traditions of the Saturn and Zulu Krewes, respectively. From the bead warehouses to the hair salons to the dress shops, their lives become a whirlwind of formal gowns, jewel studded tiaras, and backstage jitters. Then jump on a float and ride with the girls into the massive crowds on Canal Street. You'll be surprised at what some people will do for a pair of beads.

Then it is off to the airport to meet renowned drag queen and New Orleans native, Varla Jean Merman. We hang out on the "sweet side" of the French Quarter till late and then wake up at dawn to watch Varla emcee The Bourbon Street Awards, a costume contest extrodinaire that she describes lovingly, as "the greatest freak show on earth".

"True Life: I'm A
Porn Star"

True Life: I'm A Porn Star

"True Life: I'm A Porn Star" premiered March 22th at 10:00 p.m. (check the Weekly Schedule for repeats).

True Life: I'm A Porn Star will explore the sometimes dark but always fascinating world of pornography in America. As we near the new millennium, porn is as varied and complicated a subject as the sexual act that defines it. It is a volatile a mix of conflicting impulses: sexual bravado and self-loathing; intimacy and isolation; and a desire to fit in and be part of the mainstream and a near compulsion to be extreme and push the boundaries of what is acceptable.

Although the adult entertainment industry encompasses everything from stripping to telephone sex, from print to sex toys, we will focus mainly on the adult video segment of the business. This is by far the largest sector of the industry. It accounts for approximately one-half of the $9 billion expected to be spent by consumers in the industry this year. We will touch on other areas, most notably the internet.

We'll also meet Brooke Ashley, a veteran actress. She started in the business when she was 18, and she has appeared in more than 200 films. In February of this year, she was diagnosed as HIV+. She contracted this disease while participating in a shoot for the "The World's Biggest Anal Gang Bang." On that set, she had unprotected sex with 32 men. Now banned from the industry, she is trying to pick up the pieces and begin a new career as a stripper.

We'll meet a young first-time actress at the beginning of her career in the business. We will follow her as she interviews with Jim South of World Wide Modeling, the leading agent in the business, and go with her to her first shoot where we will find out how she feels about having sex on camera for the first time.

"True Life: I'm A Porn Star" will also include interviews with and verite footage of many other people inside the industry. We will visit at least three sets and speak to actresses and actors, producers, agents, health workers, lawyers, academics and consumers, all of whom will have something to say about porn.

"True Life: I'm A Porn Star" is also interested in money. How big is the industry? Who is making money, and how much? We'll find out how much each person involved in the making of "Eros" earns and examine what that segment of the industry (e.g., actresses, distributors) earns annually as a whole.

"True Life: I'm Horny
In Miami"

True Life: I'm Horny In Miami

"True Life: I'm Horny In Miami" premiered March 15th at 10:00 p.m. (check the Weekly Schedule for repeats).

The sun. The beach. The nightlife. The sex. MTV's True Life takes you under the sheets and onto the sandy beaches of South Beach, Miami for an up-close and personal look at what makes South Beach so enticing. It's a haven for sexy models, pulsating dance clubs and kinky sex parties. It may be a great place to visit but can a relationship survive the temptations of America's most sensual playground?

Meet Mike and Erin, a young couple who have transplanted themselves from Chicago to South Beach, Miami. Mike, who is a good looking, straight male and a rare commodity in a town full of gay men, immediately becomes the hot commodity among the beautiful women in South Beach. With all these ravishing women ready to bring Mike into their bedrooms, will Mike be able to resist the temptation and remain faithful to his girlfriend Erin?

Erin's 6-foot tall blonde roommate catches Mike's eye and Erin's jealousy runs wild. Erin realizes that Mike is beginning to fall prey to the women of South Beach. "They are like vultures," she says. Will all the seductions and Erin's jealousy push Mike even further down the road into the hot, pulsating dance clubs and kinky sex parties without her?

Meet Clutch and Sol South Beach natives. Sol, a bisexual woman, wants to bring a woman into her existing relationship with Clutch. Clutch thinks becoming a trio is totally erotic and sexy what he doesn't know is that this other women doesn't want anything to do with him, she just wants Sol. Can Sol be satisfied by one woman or will she miss her man?

Meet Sage. Sage thrives in the sexual, kinkiness of South Beach. She throws wild and crazy kinky sex parties and takes advantage of all the uninhibited beach goers. Sage threw her latest party at a local club called "G-spot" that spiraled into a lascivious evening of liquid latex, whip cream and feathers.

Will Mike and Erin survive the temptation? Will Clutch and Sol remain lovers? Will Sage's wild sex party go too far?

"True Life: I'm On The Runway"

True Life: I'm On The Runway

"True Life: I'm On The Runway" premiered March 8th at 10:00 p.m. (check the Weekly Schedule for repeats).

Twice a year, New York City plays host to Fashion Week a 9 day marathon of runway shows, celebrity sightings, fittings, and, of course parties. With over 100 collections to view, and about as many parties, these fashionistas aren't getting a lot of sleep. But that doesn't seem to matter. The energy of the week is intense for the 2000 journalists vying for a sneak peak of the clothes, to the models squeezing into size 2 dresses, to the designers whose careers depend on a half-hour spectacle of their wares. Adrenaline is pumping as fast as the runway music.

True Life: I'm On The Runway takes you backstage, and to the front row where fashion gets cozy with status, celebrity and money. And we'll introduce you to the people who make the flashbulbs pop: 21-year old Angela Lindvall, a top model who earns close to $10,000 per runway show, though she remains keenly aware of the young girls waiting in the wings. We'll follow her to the fittings, the shows, and to the after-party after-after party.

We also meet hippie-chick designer Anna Sui who admits she wakes up during Fashion Week wishing she was a rock star, not a critic's darling about to unveil a new collection. Even for an old pro like Anna, the pressure is overwhelming. "Three months before the show, you go through this whole torture of, 'I'm never going to have another new idea the rest of my life. You start searching for anything that will be inspiring." Her bottom line? "Is it cool enough for Keith Richards?"

Janeane Garofalo
"True Life: I'm A Comic"

True Life: I'm A Comic

"True Life: I'm A Comic" premiered March 1st at 10:00 p.m. (check the Weekly Schedule for repeats).

True Life: I'm a Comic profiles three young, up and coming stand-ups who are trying to make a living by making people laugh. MTV follows two performers to the U.S. Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen, Colorado to find out if either of them will get their big break, while one New Yorker just dreams of breaking into the New York Comedy Club Scene.

Aspen is the world series for stand-up comics, newcomers get to show their stuff alongside Robin Williams, Martin Short and Janeane Garofalo at the nation's premiere comedy festival.

Allison Castillo, a comic from New York who has been trying to break her way into comedy world for the past five years and after four attempts, she was finally selected to bring her one-woman act to the Aspen festival in hopes of getting a manager or agent a necessity for making it big.

Godfrey, a 29-year-old Nigerian stand-up has a suave personality and beaming smile that captures all those around him instantly. Godfrey has been doing comedy in New York for the past four years and was selected to showcase his stand-up at the 2000 festival. Godfrey brings his act to Aspen in hopes of the comic brass ring his own network sitcom.

The third comic is 21-year-old Adam Greenberg who dazzles the audience with his Backstreet Boy face and his flirtatious stand-up routine. Adam, the greenest of the three, hopes to eventually take the stage of The Comic Strip, a prestigious New York Club but for now is content with performing at the local laundromat.

Evan Metropoulos
with Fred Durst
"True Life: I'm The Youngest
Tycoon In The World"

True Life: I'm The Youngest Tycoon In The World

"True Life: I'm The Youngest Tycoon In The World" premiered February 23th at 10:00 p.m. (check the Weekly Schedule for repeats).

Most of us know what it's like to be 18, but few can imagine the life of an 18 year old who cuts multi-million dollar business deals, flies a corporate jet, dates models, and hangs with everyone from WWF Superstar The Rock to Limp Bizkit1s Fred Durst.

True Life: I'm The Youngest Tycoon In The World takes a peek into the amazing life of teen tycoon Evan Metropoulos. Evan is truly larger than life -- with his linebacker physique, long hair, flashy clothes, and almost obnoxious candidness. He moves seamlessly from being a girl-crazed 18 year old to a savvy businessman. For this half hour cinema verite documentary, MTV News & Specials follows Evan everywhere: from the boardroom to the classroom, from power lunches to family dinners, from backstage at a WWF event to backyard at a house party.

Famke Janssen
"True Life:
I'm A Star At Sundance"

True Life: I'm A Star At Sundance

"True Life: I'm A Star At Sundance" premiered February 16th at 10:00 p.m. (check the Weekly Schedule for repeats).

The Sundance Film Festival is the anti-Hollywood -- a place where the films take center stage and even the biggest celebrities can come and relax. But, it is also the place where unknown directors become instant stars, actors not seen in a while make their comebacks, young actors become the latest Hollywood sensations, TV stars and musicians spread their wings and cross over into film, and the glamorous people come to play. True Life: I'm A Star At Sundance takes viewers into the most exclusive parties (where even celebs get stuck in line), onto the ski slopes, to the screenings everyone's talking about, and on stage with the musicians who keep the festivals rocking.

True Life: I'm A Star At Sundance gives a behind-the-scenes look at what it's like to be a part of the 2000 Sundance Film Festival. The show profiles several Sundance attendees -- from first-time director Patrick Ion Polk ("Punks") and aspiring starlet Alice Dylan ("Snow Days"), to newly established actress Kirsten Dunst ("Virgin Suicides") and Dominique Swain ("Intern"), to musicians Bare Naked Ladies (whose Jason Priestly directed documentary screened at Slamdance), Lisa Loeb and John Popper -- throughout their sundance experience.

"True Life:
I'm On Crystal Meth"

True Life: I'm On Crystal Meth

"True Life: I'm On Crystal Meth" premiered February 9th at 10:00 p.m. (check the Weekly Schedule for repeats).

True Life: I'm On Crystal Meth follows Serena Altschul on the trail of D-Methamphetamine, the only hard drug for which America is the source country. This new form of meth first appeared in California in the early 1990's and has been spreading rapidly across the United States ever since.

Each year, the number of illegal methamphetamine labs found in America has increased 20-30 per cent-- to over 5,700 labs seized in 1998. But unlike previous hard drug epidemics, like crack, this one has gone largely unnoticed by the media. The crystal meth epidemic is occurring predominantly in rural and small town America, where the growing population of addicts consume meth made in California "superlabs" or make it themselves in small "Beavis and Butthead" labs, using formulas downloaded from the internet and ingredients found at Wal-Mart.

True Life: I'm On Crystal Meth begins with a typical day in the life of Amber, a 19 year-old intravenous meth addict who is travelling across West L.A. in search of somewhere to shoot up. Next, Dr. Alex Stalcup, one of the few physicians treating meth addiction, talks about how quickly the drug is spreading and how dangerous it is. Finally, young people from Iowa, Arizona, and northern California attest to the drug's rapid spread.

"True Life:
I'm A Football Hero"

True Life: I'm A Football Hero

"True Life: I'm A Football Hero" premiered January 19th at 10:00 p.m. (check the Weekly Schedule for repeats).

Oliver Stone's new hit film, "Any Given Sunday", brilliantly portrays the high stakes energy of professional football. Pro ball is the culmination of a player's career, but what about the beginning?

True Life: I'm A Football Hero takes you inside the amazing world of Texas high school football, where the passion and pressure rivals even the NFL. MTV takes the unique approach of following two teams during the action-packed week leading up to their "do or die" playoff game.

The big game pits two small town giants of Texas football: the Bobcats of Celina (population 1737) against the Indians of Grand Saline (population 2000). The Bobcats are the defending state champs, and are undefeated. They're coached by G.A. Moore, a legendary figure in Texas Sports history as the winningest active high school coach. The Indians are also undefeated. And they're out for revenge, since the Bobcats knocked them out of the playoffs last year in a close game.

We go inside their worlds for the week leading up to the big game. We meet the players and the coaches. Like a true life "Varsity Blues", we hang out with them at school, home, and the local hotspots, as they look for any distraction to make the week go faster. As the week counts down, the pressures mount and personalities clash.