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This elite crew of surf pros have spent the better part of their lives in search of the ultimate wave and will be appearing in this season of Surf Girls

Ben Bourgeois: Ben was born in 1978 and loves his mom's home cooking. Beyond that, it's hard to believe that anyone born and raised in North Carolina could become such a talented surfer. After being on the W.C.T. (World Championship Tournament) for a year, Ben is now competing in the W.Q.S. (World Qualifying Series) and making it known that he will be back on the W.C.T. soon.
 Ben Bourgeois Photos

Dave Davidson: Dave Davidson has been surfing for over 20 years. At the age of 18, he was the A.P.S.A (Australian Professional Surfing Association) Australian Junior Champion. Originally from Bondi Beach, he traveled from Australia on the A.S.P (Association of Surfing Professionals) tour with his best results being a second place at the Ocean Beach Bud tour event in the U.S, and a second place finish at the Hard Rock Cafe Classic in Australia. Dave retired at the tender age of 23 to travel and surf extensively throughout Indonesia. He has been a surfing coach for 10 years now.
 Dave Davidson Photos

Elizabeth Cantor: Elizabeth has been surfing competitively for a few years now, but perhaps her greatest success has come from judging competitions. She's been steadily climbing the ranks of competitive judges and, most recently, she was selected to judge for her state in the Australian National Titles. Apart from judging and surfing, Elizabeth is completing a Bachelor of Communications in broadcast journalism at Griffith University, based on the Gold Coast in Queensland.
 Elizabeth Cantor Photos

Fred Patacchia: Fred hails from Haleiwa, Hawaii and is leading the charge for the USA young guns. He is currently competing on the W.Q.S. tour with hopes of qualifying for the W.C.T. After winning the Nationals in 1999 as an amateur, Fred has set his sights on making the W.C.T. and becoming a household name.
 Fred Patacchia Photos

Glyndon Ringrose: Glyndon grew up in Vanuwatu, Solomon Islands with missionary parents, but it wasn't until he moved to Australia that he began to surf. He started his professional career on Phillip Island with the help of the Phillip Island Boardriders Club. Glyndon naturally moved on to the W.Q.S. After four years of competing on the W.Q.S., Glyndon realized every surfer's dream when he qualified as one of the elite Top 44 on the W.C.T. for a year.
 Glyndon Ringrose Photos

John Shimooka: John was born in Honolulu, Hawaii in 1969, started surfing when he was eight, and moved to pro when he was 18. He placed first at the 1989 Aloe Up Cup in Florida, third at the 1989 Gunston 500, and second at the 1995 Bells Beach competition. John was on the A.S.P. tour for 13 years and held a rank of 19.
 John Shimooka Photos

Jon Rose: Jon does not compete in contests. He has chosen to travel the world and shoot for the latest videos and magazines. This has been very rewarding, as he has been featured on the cover of numerous surf mags around the globe.
 Jon Rose Photos

Kahea Keikikanemuahanauiakalakonahea Hart: Kahea has been a pro fro the past nine years. Originally from Waimanalo on the east side of Oahu, Kahea saved up his money to move to the north shore in 1993. With no sponsors, he made a living as a pastry chef. After that first winter on the North Shore he was able to find sponsors and achieve his dreams of riding professionally. Although he's not known for his contest record, Kahea made a name for himself by getting in the right shots at the right time. He has been on the cover of Surfing Magazine three times, as well as many other magazines around the world.
 Kahea Keikikanemuahanauiakalakonahea Hart Photos

Kassia Meador: Kassia Meador embodies grace, balance, style, and beauty. Learning to longboard five years ago at the age of 14, Kassia discovered her passion and natural talent for cross-stepping and nose-riding in the waves of Malibu, California. Winning the first contest she ever entered, the Roxy Wahine Classic at San Onofre, Kassia began her rise in the professional ranks of women's longboarding.
 Kassia Meador Photos

Kate Skarratt: Kate Skarratt is a powerhouse of energy and determination. Not afraid to work hard for results, Kate's natural athletic abilities have only been improved upon by an even greater drive to excel at what she does. A relatively late starter in surfing at the age of 15, Kate has done a great job making up for lost time with a lot of practice and training in and out of the water. Kate's strengths lie in a love for riding big waves and tube riding, a skill mastered well by only a handful of female surfers.
 Kate Skarratt Photos

Lisa Anderson: "I'm going to become world champion." That's what it said in the note 16-year-old Lisa wrote her parents when she left home in Ormond Beach, Florida to move to Huntington Beach, California. She'd only been surfing for three years and had no idea such a thing existed, but Lisa would live up to her words. Four world titles later (1994-97), Lisa is still widely considered the most raw, talented and accomplished female surfer on the planet.
 Lisa Anderson Photos

Matty Liu: A five-time Hawaiian Surfing Champion, Matty Liu, hails from the sleepy town of Haleiwa, Hawaii. Having grown up within sight of the giant waves on the north shore of Oahu, Matty was a natural from the start. Exuberant, charming, and wise far beyond his years, Matty has been acting for ten years.
 Matty Liu Photos

Mike Perkins: Mike was born in sunny California in 1960. After surfing the world from 1987 to 1988 with his friends, he fell in love with the South Pacific. He bought land in Pacific Harbour, Fiji Islands to surf and guide for the next 10 years. In 1997, he opened the Salani Surf Resort.
 Mike Perkins Photos

Noah Johnson: Not many people are riding the leading edge of surfing as well as Noah Johnson. Born in Hilo, Hawaii, Noah has followed the big waves across the globe in one of the world's last great odysseys. Sure-footed and out for adventure, Noah placed first at the 1999 Eddie, third in the 2001 XXL Big Wave Competition, and was in the running for first in the 2003 XXL.
 Noah Johnson Photos

Ross Williams:Ross is another product from Hawaii who started surfing at the age of eight. Born in Haleiwa, Hawaii, Ross climbed the ladder of pro riders and managed to stay one of the top 16 surfers in the world from 1995 to 2000. He has managed to travel around the globe 14 times.
 Ross Williams Photos

Samantha Cornish: Born and raised within a family of professional surfers, Samantha Cornish was all but born in the ocean. A natural athlete, Sam not only excels in surfing, but also diving, spearfishing, jet skiing and motorcycle riding. She even has an awesome golf swing. Sam turned many heads in 2002 when she qualified for the W.C.T., after only her second full year on tour.
 Samantha Cornish Photos

Strider Rasberry Wasilewski: Strider, a 25-year-old waterman, has been surfing professionally for over fifteen years. Luckily, Quiksilver has given him the opportunity to travel and surf in the most remote places the world has to offer. Rasberry is known best for his efforts in big left-hand barrels like Pipeline in Hawaii and Teahupoo in Tahiti. Rising from the city of Santa Monica, Strider is the best surfer L.A. has to offer.
 Strider Rasberry Wasilewski Photos

Todd Kline:Todd was born in San Clemente, California and surfed professionally until he was 26. He has now taken his 16 years of surfing knowledge and applied it to Quiksilver, where he manages Quik's surf team. When he's on the road, the one thing he misses the most, is his wife's cooking.
 Todd Kline Photos

Tom Carroll: Sydney, Australia's Tom Carroll has been a giant contributor to all that is professional surfing. He jumped on tour in 1979, an aggro, nuggety goofy-foot with a penchant for deep tube riding and hard, full rail slashes. He won back-to-back world titles in '83 and '84. In '88 he signed surfing's first million-dollar contract and has pulled in eight top three finishes in the W.C.T. end of the year ratings.
 Tom Carroll Photos

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