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Position: Rush Chair
Age: 22
Year: Senior
Major: International Relations
Zodiac Sign: Libra
From: Santa Barbara, CA

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What is your age, major and year?
I'm 22, I graduated in March, but my major was International Relations.

Where are you from?
I went to high school in Santa Barbara, I moved around a lot before that.

Do you have an idea as to what career path or specific job you want to pursue when you graduate?
Right now I'm going to work for a year to get experience in business management but would like to go to grad school to pursue international business.

What is your zodiac sign, and do you think you fit the description?
I'm a Libra. I am right after the cut-off of Virgo. I do think I fit the description, which is having trouble deciding things, deciding which answer is best, and I do that a lot.

What fraternity at UC Davis has the cutest guys, and why?
I don't know every fraternity in detail that well so I don't know if there is anyone that has [the] cutest guys, I can't think of one in particular, they all have their share of nice-looking people.

What do you think makes a perfect housemate/ roommate?
Someone that cleans up after themselves or is willing to take part in a communal cleaning process, [someone who is] a good friend and knows that everyone needs their own time. Someone that you know you can study well with makes a good roommate, someone you can trust, someone that is there for you and you can be there for them as well. Someone with an open mind as well, when you live with someone you see things friends don't usually see, so someone that has an open mind.

Have you ever had a bad roommate experience, like someone eating your food or borrowing your clothes without asking?
No, not here at all. Everyone in the house gets along pretty well. We know each other's closets are pretty open, if we want to borrow each other's clothes it's no problem, if we eat each other's food it's ok too.

What are you listening to right now?
I love U2, the Police and the Beatles, I listen to the radio too, but the CDs I actually would buy are in that category, along with the Cure.

What are your favorite all-time CDs?
Joshua Tree is my favorite because when I was in high school I used to work out to it. My brothers are also into U2 and it just reminds me of home and growing up with them. The Cure's Galore is also one of my favorite ones, brings back memories of high school and my friends in high school. Dave Mathews Band, Before These Crowded Streets, it's a CD my younger brother gave to me and my boyfriend loves DMB and we love to listen to it, we just saw them in concert last week.

If you had the chance to hang out with one musician or actor, who would it be and why?
It would be…Julia Roberts--she's a great actress and plays a lot of different roles, I like how she can change her character well. I'd also like to hang out with Sting, I love his music and his voice, and I'd like to get to know him in person.

Are there any TV shows that you absolutely could not miss each week? What are they and what do you like about them?
I am a fan of X-Files, I like the mystery to it and how they kinda leave you hanging at the end of the show and wonder what's happening next. I like Scully and Mulder and Doggett, I'm really sad it ended. I used to watch Ally McBeal each week and then they started changing the characters and I didn't like it as well. I like to watch Friends if I can.

What are the qualities of a perfect mate in your opinion?
Someone who's a great friend as well as a lover, someone who you can trust. Someone that's independent as well and likes to give parts of themselves, but understands that I need to be independent and they need to be independent but have a good relationship. Someone who's not giving me something all the time but just little notes or something. Someone who's funny and comes up on the spur of the moment with something to do, someone that makes me laugh.

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