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Year: Senior
Major: International Relations
Hometown: Palos Verdes, CA

Photos: Janelle
MTV.com Member Profile
1. What are you passionate about?
I've always been passionate about dancing. Seeing new choreography and watching amazing performers has always inspired me. Whatever mood I'm in, sad or angry, I've always found a peace when I choreograph or go to dance class. I love good music, positive people, trying new things, sunny days, and laughter.

2. Describe this past semester in 3 words.
Wild, unpredictable, interesting

3. Why did you choose to pledge Zeta Sigma Phi?
I chose to pledge Zeta sigma phi because I was attracted to their academic policies and wanted to be a part of an organization that would push me and encourage me to be my best. I was also attracted to the eclectic mix of girls and wanted to make sure I didn't limit myself to a certain group of people at school and I definitely wanted to make all different kinds of friends.

4. What was your first thought when you realized you were going to be on camera?
My first thought: CRAP!!! I hate cameras. I hate the way I look in pictures and I don't like my voice when it's recorded. I was hesitant to even go forward with the process but they assured me it would be well worth it.

5. Before you pledged the sorority, how many people had you lived with at one time?
Well, I come from a huge family with five brothers and one sister and I've lived outside of my house with up to four girls. I wasn't at all concerned about living with a bunch of sisters because I was already used to it.

6. What moment from this past semester do you think will be the most painful for you to watch on TV?
There was a very dramatic incident involving one of our pledges. I still get angry and upset about the decision until this day.

7. What CDs are you listening to right now and what's your all-time favorite?
I listen to a lot of India Arie. Right now, her first album Acoustic Soul is in my player. I just picked up the new Mobb Deep CD yesterday. Mos Def is in my car player but my all-time favorite CD is Janet Jackson's janet CD from back in the day.

8. What do you find attractive?
I just realized that I'm really attracted to brains, kinda nerdy intelligent guys. I'm turned on when a guy is a strong Christian and can engage in an intelligent conversation with me maybe even a debate. I love that!

9. When the semester started, were you dating anyone?
Yes, I have a boyfriend and have been with him for the past year.

10. What is the one thing you want people to know about you after watching the show?
I want people to know that I'm really not that big of a cry baby, although I'm sensitive. I also want people to know that I'm really not that mean. I don't want anyone to think I turned into drill sergeant because of the cameras or power trip or anything like that, because to be honest, I didn't pledge to be on camera and never really wanted to be on camera in the first place.

11. What was the best/most memorable moment for you this semester?
The best moment for me this semester was when I got my grades back! With all the stress and hard work we did and all the things we went through, I pulled of one of my best semesters at school. I was extremely proud of my grades and the way I performed in my classes.

12. What is the most important lesson you learned during this past semester? What would you do differently if you could do it over?
The most important lesson I learned was how not to sweat the small stuff in life because when I look back on all the little dramas that I allowed myself to get caught up in, I realize how truly insignificant they are in the grander scope of things. The big picture is more important to me than anything else now more than ever. If I could do one thing over this semester, I would never have moved into the house.

13. If you had the chance to hang out with one actor or musician, who would it be?
I would love to hang out with Janet Jackson. I have been one of her biggest fans since I could remember. I've always admired her originality and ability to make a name for herself outside of the Jackson's. It has been my life time dream and goal to be a back up dancer for her on her final tour. Hopefully that opportunity comes along soon and doesn't remain just a dream.

14. Which night sounds like more fun: Hanging out with a hot guy or going out with your girl friends?
Going out with my girlfriends, definitely. Guys will always be around--hot ones too--and I would rather be around my girls and be comfortable being me instead of spending an evening trying to impress some hot guy. Being comfortable is so much more important than fleeting things like the pleasure of a hot guy.

15. If you could choose a theme song for this past semester, what would it be?
I would probably choose India Arie's "Get it Together" song off of her Voyage to India CD. The song talks a lot about getting over the small things and choosing to love and forgive. It's about growth and endurance and I think that befits a lot of the things that we had to deal with this semester and just what we will have to continue to do as a sorority. Sisterhood requires people who can manage to do these things and I think that song completely sums that up for me.

16. Who is the messiest pledge/sister? Who's the neat freak?
The messiest pledge sister would definitely have to be Michelle! I didn't see anyone as being a neat freak besides Francia. Everyone else was pretty much moderately clean.

17. What is the worst thing you've witnessed in the pledge house/sorority house?
I think the worst thing we had to deal with in the pledge house was Michelle and her messiness as well as the struggle over the use of the Rover.

18. Complete the following sentences:

Frat boys are:
all different depending on their own individual circumstance.

Sorority girls are:
I'd describe them the same way I described frat boys. It isn't fair to peg anyone person into a group of stereotypes because every individual has their own reasons for doing what they do and they may or may not have to do with their affiliation with a fraternity or sorority.

19. If you were president of Zeta Sigma Phi, what would you do?
It depends on what that had to do with. I know I would like to see a focused charity project infused into our endeavors as a sorority. I feel that our philanthropy is too vague and I would like to see a more focused effort in place. I'm very detail-oriented and would probably pay more attention to details that often get overlooked when there are a lot of committees and not ever enough time.

20. What goals have you set for yourself for after college?
I have a multitude of goals that I've set for myself after college. I almost can't wait to be done so I can get on it. My five year plan is to start my business, get my real estate license and start purchasing properties. When I finish school, I immediately want to buy a four-plex in the city of Carson because I plan to run for City Council there in the next few years. I'm considering law school. I want to get a dance agent and start auditioning for commercial dance auditions. I also want to get into cartoon voiceovers. I'm not at all concerned about the future because I have so many plans but I also know that the Lord will guide and take care of me along the way.

Bonus Question:

Do you have any nicknames?
A lot of my friends and family call me Princess, but not in a good way. It started after my freshman year in college because I have a tendency to whine and I've been told that I'm high maintenance. I'm very particular about things, although I argue with the assertion that I'm spoiled.

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