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Year: Sophomore
Major/Minor: Communications / Media Study and Marketing
Hometown: Norwood, NJ / Queens, NY / Manila, Phillippines

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Question 1:
Q: Why did you choose University at Buffalo?

A: I have no idea why I chose U of B. My cousin went here, it's cheap and has a good reputation for academics.

Question 2:
Q: Why did you decide to pledge a sorority? And why did you choose Delta Xi Omega?

A: Because it's a way to be a part of something, make close friends and get involved on and off campus. I chose DZO because all of the girls are really down to earth (repetitive, I know) fun and different. Diversity is really important to me. I can't stand those sororities that all the girls are like exact replicas of each other. They even dress the same. What's that all about? I need to be with girls who are as individual as I am. That's why we say DZO is individually unique together complete.

Question 3:
Q: What is the best/worst thing about Buffalo?

A: Best: Canadian beer, chicken wings, and Hello! The only chapter of DZO!
Worst: Buffalo has yet to explore the concept of the snowplow.

Question 4:
Q: Describe this semester/pledge period in 3 words.

A: Interesting, fun, unique.

Question 5:
Q: Describe the craziest party that you have been to so far (or craziest night out).

A: OMG! The first night on Bourbon Street was insane. That was definitely the craziest night out.

Question 6:
Q: What CDs are you listening to right now. What is your all-time favorite CD?

A: I go through stages of being obsessed with a CD> Right now in my CD player in my car I have Counting Crows, the Grease soundtrack, NSync, Billy Joel, John Mayer, and a bunch of burned mixes. Hey it's a long drive from NYC to Buffalo. Something has to keep me awake.

Question 7:
Q: What do you find attractive? What turns you on?

A: Abs, arms, sense of style (not too much sense though), sense of humor, ambition and the ability to do things extremely random and spontaneous.

Question 8:
Q: Describe the worst date you've ever been on.

A: I can't remember. I tend to block those out.

Question 9:
Q: Which celeb would you most want to make out with?

A: Vin Diesel. I don't even need to make out with him. Just touch his arms. They're so sexy.

Question 10:
Q: Which fraternity has the hottest? Who's the hottest guy in Sigma Chi Omega?

A: I love my sigma pi (that's pi not chi, don't confuse it). The hottest guy in Sigma Chi Omega? Ha ha ha.

Question 11:
Q: What was your first kiss like, when was it and who was it with?

A: Bad. A really long time ago…and I don't even remember his name.

Question 12:
Q: What have you learned during this semester? What would you do differently if you could do it over?

A: I've learned to trust my instincts but I'll do most of my learning when the show airs.

Question 13:
Q: Which night sounds like more fun: Hanging out with a hot guy or going out with your girl friends?

A: That depends. If I like the hot guy and it's my only chance to go out with him, I would. But I'd probably have more fun with the girls.

Question 14:
Q: Where's the best place to hang out in Buffalo?

A: My house…hello!

Question 15:
Q: Who is the messiest pledge/sister? Who's the neat freak?

A: That's dangerous. I'm gonna stay safe with this one and say that we can all be a little of both at times.

Question 16:
Q: What is the grossest thing you've witnessed in the pledge house/sorority house?

A: The bathroom. No contest. How can six girls sharing one bathroom not result in disaster?

Question 17:
Q: Complete the following sentences:

A: Every sorority and fraternity is different. I won't add to the stereotypes and generalizations.

Question 18:
Q: If you were president of Delta Xi Omega, what would you do?

A: I'd build on what Talia has done for this sorority. Make sure to uphold the ideals of the sorority and improve it in every way possible.

Question 19:
Q: Which pledge/sister is most likely to end up in jail?

A: END UP? Some of us have already been there!!

Question 20:
Q: What do you think about Sigma Chi Omega? (Be honest!)

A: Ha ha. Some of them are cool. Don't know them very well but I've definitely met my share of shady characters from that fraternity.

Bonus Question:
Q: Do you have any nicknames? What are they and how did you get them? Do you have any nicknames for any of the other pledges or sisters? If so, what are they and why?

A: Do I get extra points for this?! Not really. My family calls me Nolia. Sort for Magnolia. My pledge name is Hayz for reasons I'd rather not talk about. I love everyone's pledge name. I think the only one I actually use is Melissa's, Spooner. It's too funny. Oh and I love Nicole's too: Brock! Oh wait does Mag or Mags count? Most of my friends call me Mags. I think that's just a product of laziness.

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