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Season Premieres Monday,
January 28 at 10:00 p.m. ET.

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How to Play

Fantasy Point Categories

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Road Rules

Game Overview
You've heard of Fantasy Football and Fantasy Baseball, right? The game is simple: You choose a team of 8 players from among the cast. Each week your players earn points based on things they do in each episode--things like crying, fighting, hooking up and more. If you have a poorly performing player, you can strategically bench them or trade them. As the season goes on, see your points rack up and see your standing among all of the fantasy teams. We'll have weekly winners and one grand prize winner at the end.

Registration begins: January 15

1: Registering and Choosing Your Team
Sign up and choose a name for your team. Then select eight players from the cast (there are 32 cast members to choose from). Consider which members will do well this season--you want the players who are going to rack up the most points for you, based on performance and their scores in each of our 16 Special Categories. Check out their Trading Cards for background info on each member.

2: Manage Your Team
You will have six active players and two on the bench. You can play strategically by swapping active and benched players, or by making trades. Since Challenge cast can get voted off the show this year, it's possible that one of your team members may become totally useless--so that would be a good time to make a trade.

  • The Bench
    You must have two players on the bench at all times. You will not be awarded any points for the players while they are on the bench. You can change your players' status from "bench" to "active" (or vice versa) as many times as you'd like-just go to the "Change Starting Lineup" page.

  • Making Trades/Frozen Roster
    You are allowed to make six trades for the entire season, so trade wisely! Trading will come in handy if someone on your team gets voted off the show. You can make trades any time except just before the show airs: the "no trading" freeze occurs 6:00 p.m. ET Mondays until 6:00 p.m. ET Tuesdays (which is essentially "game day"). This ensures fairness for East and West Coast viewers.

3: Scoring
There are lots of ways to earn points in the Fantasy Challenge. In Fantasy Baseball games, you get points when people on your team do well (like hitting a homerun or pitching a strike). In our game, you get points for how well your players do in the "Challenges" and also for things like fighting, kissing, and hooking up. (Think of hooking up as our "home run.") Read on for more details on things you can get points for.

  • Challenges: On the show, the cast members participate in "Challenges" where they compete against each other in Olympic-style competitions. However many points the cast members earn in the Challenge, you will be awarded the same amount of fantasy points.
  • Activity Points: You will also receive points each time one of your team members cry, fight, hook up, trash-talk, get bleeped, etc. For a full list of all 16 items you can receive points for and how many points each item is worth, see the Scoring Chart.
  • Buzz Word: This is the "Bonus Points" category. Each week, there will be a secret word worth 10 points. The word won't be revealed until the episode airs. During each episode, a graphic will appear when the word is said. If someone on your team says the word, you will receive points. The word may be said several times an episode and you will get points each time it is said.

See the Scoring Chart for full details.

4: Check Your Score and Standing
The show airs at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on Mondays. The team scores and players stats will be updated on the site at around 6:00 p.m. ET on Tuesdays. You can check your weekly scores then by coming back to the Challenge site and logging in.

5: Challenge Your Friends
It's no fun winning if you have no one to brag to. From the site you can send an e-mail to your friends and invite them to play. You also can add them to your team's list of Buddies so you can keep an eye on their scores.

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