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How do cast members score Fantasy Points? This is a complete list of all the things your Fantasy Team cast members can do on-air to rack up points.

Make sure to carefully look at how many points things are worth...many categories' values have changed since last season's game.

Points are scored each time a Cast Member cries. A Cast Member can score Crying points from "boo hoo" crying where tears are visible. If tears are indiscernible but Cast Member demonstrates crying "symptoms," this also counts as "Crying." Crying symptoms include: sniffling, whimpering, tears welling up, voice quivering as if he/she is going to burst into tears at any second. Waterworks are not always visible.). Points will only be awarded for a single occurrence of crying (e.g. If a cast member begins to cry before the commercial break and continues to cry after the commercial break, this only counts as one instance, even though the same event may be shown several times throughout the Episode.) Crying does not count if it occurs during a flashback sequence (See "Flashback").
Points are scored each time a Cast Member is an active participant in a verbal or physical fight. Being an on-looker when a fight occurs does not count. For the purposes of the Game a "Fight" is defined as screaming, yelling, storming out of a room, punching, getting "up in someone's business," etc. It does not include fights that occur during a challenge competition--which would fall under the "Foul Play" category. Fights can occur with a cast member or non-cast member. A "Tantrum" normally only involves one person where no one else is fighting back. Tantrum evidence includes screaming, freaking out, pointing fingers, threatening crew with a machete, etc. Fighting/Tantrums do not count if they occur during a flashback sequence (See "Flashback").
and Kisses
Points are scored each time a Cast Member is the giver or receiver of a hug or kiss--this includes platonic hugs and friendly kisses (e.g. kisses on the cheek) and it also includes short, neat, lip-touching kisses that are romantic (any kiss that is "sloppy" or is a "French kiss" would fall under the "Making Out/Hooking Up" category). An arm around someone's shoulder does not count as hugging unless the initial contact starts with a hug and then phases into a more casual arm around shoulder.
Hooking Up/
Making Out
Points are scored each time a Cast Member is a willing participant in a major kissing session or an implied session. This includes French kissing, making out, and hard-core smooching. This category also includes any other sexual contact or when more than kissing is implied (e.g. we see a couple getting into bed and they pull the covers over their heads as sexy music plays and the scene fades to black). Kisses on the cheek don't count in this category (see "Hugs & Kisses"). Hooking Up/Making Out does not count if it occurs during a flashback sequence (See "Flashback").
Points are scored each time a Cast Member bares a part of his/her body which is normally covered up by undergarments--blurring of the picture must occur.
Getting Bleeped
Points are scored each time a Cast Member says a curse word in which "bleeping" is required. "Bleeping" occurs when a word is said that violates the FCC or MTV's standards of what's acceptable to say on MTV.
Points are scored each time a Cast Member trash-talks a person or an entire team in a competition sense. (e.g. If the Cast Member is a Real World cast member, he/she can trash-talk someone on Real World, Road Rules or the entire Real World or Road Rules team.) Trash-talking only applies ONLY to competition--bad-mouthing, gossiping or talking negatively about someone does not count (See "Gossiping/Bad-Mouthing"). Trash-talking would include things like the following: "Our team is so much stronger than the Road Rules team. We're going to kick their asses!"
Points are scored each time a Cast Member speaks negatively about someone else. Bad-mouthing can occur when a Cast Member is talking to another Cast Member or when a Cast Member is talking directly to the camera in an interview form. This is a personal attack on someone else. A good rule of thumb to decide if something qualifies as "gossiping/bad-mouthing," is to ask yourself, "Would that person be pissed if they heard someone say this about them?" If the answer is "yes," then it would qualify as "gossiping/bad-mouthing." This would include statements like, "Dan is such a back-stabber. I can't stand him." This category does not include talking badly about someone from another team in a competition sense. For instance, "Steve is a horrible athlete; he will really suck at any of the challenges." This would be considered "Trash-Talking" because it is regarding competition. Gossiping/Bad-Mouthing counts as separately if they're in different locations (e.g. If Nathan starts Bad-Mouthing David while he is sitting on the couch, then the show cuts to an interview clip of David bad-mouthing Nathan, and then the show cuts back to Nathan on the couch continuing to bad-mouth David--this would count as 2 instances of "Gossiping/Bad-Mouthing because Nathan sitting on the couch counts as one instance and David in the interview counts as a separate instance since they took place at different settings.)
Pep Talk
Points are scored each time a Cast Member gives a pep talk. A pep talk is defined as a speech or a discussion designed to raise the morale of another person or a group of people. This does not include "rooting" (e.g. "Go, Veronica!" does not count as a pep-talk). Points are awarded for the person who gives the pep-talk, not to the receiver of the pep talk.
Getting Injured
Points are scored each time a Cast Member gets injured at anytime during the show. The injury can occur during a challenge or when the Cast Member is just hanging around. An injury includes everything from minor bleeding to broken bones or being hospitalized for any reason.
Refusal to Participate
Points are scored each time a Cast Member refuses to participate in a challenge competition for any reason. Reasons to refuse participation can range from "religious reasons" to "fear of heights."
A flashback refers to when something that happened on a previous season of Real World, Road Rules or The Real World/Road Rules Challenge is mentioned or a scene from a previous season is shown. Points are scored each time a Cast Member mentions something from a previous season or if such Cast Member appears in a flashback from another season. If another action which falls within a point category occurs within the flashback (e.g. Crying, Fighting, etc.), points will not be scored for those categories, only for the Flashback itself.
Bodily Function
Points are scored each time a Cast Member does a bodily function including (but not limited to) one of the following: Vomiting, Farting, Burping, Snot-Rocketing, Peeing and Spitting.
Foul Play
Foul Play can only occur during a Challenge competition and includes anytime someone cheats to win or is suspected of cheating or uses physical force in a way that is against the rules of that particular competition. If a Cast Member is suspected of Foul Play but somehow manages to not get disqualified, they may still receive Fantasy Points for this category. (I.E. If some cast members are talking about how someone cheated but Jonny does not officially rule that they are disqualified, they can still earn Foul Play points.) Many times, Foul Play leads to Disqualification, but Disqualification can occur without Foul Play (I.E. a Cast Member may inadvertently break the rules of a competition without malice intent). If a Cast Member gets Disqualified from a competition for any reason, he/she will receive points for this category. Points are scored each time a Cast Member uses Foul Play, is accused of Foul Play or is Disqualified.
Buzz Word
(Bonus Points)
Each week, there will be a "buzz word" worth 10 points. The buzz word is a secret word that will be revealed on MTV.com the day after the premiere airing of an Episode (Tuesday). Points are scored each time a Cast Member says the buzz word. The word may be said several times throughout the Episode and Points are scored each time it is said by such Cast Member. Points are scored each time a Cast Member says a variation of the word (e.g. If the buzz word is "Married," Entrants will also earn points if such Cast Member says "Marriage.") Each week's buzz word will be posted on MTV.com the day after the Episode airs (Tuesdays) at or around 6:00 p.m. ET.
After every official competition (a.k.a. "challenge"), the Real Worlders and Road Rulers must vote one of their cast members into "The Gauntlet." Fantasy Points will be awarded to the winner of the Gauntlet competition. If Entrant has the Gauntlet winner on their Fantasy Team, Entrant will receive 10 points.

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