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Episode 3

The Road Rules team celebrates their gauntlet win by cavorting in the Jacuzzi and by getting naked in the bubble bath. In the meantime, Elka and Montana have a serious talk about how they are not really into the challenge. Elka reminds Montana of the importance of making friends and appearing interested in the other peeps, because those bonds they make can essentially help them remain on the challenge. Elka says there's less incentive when you have a real job and this is not a main source of income and she's just not feeling the "gusto" that goes along with these challenges. Montana feels older than most of the other teammates, which she believes could be a disadvantage.

For their second mission, both teams have to solve the "Masquerade" mensa puzzle. They must reassemble the pieces of a giant puzzle so that there are 13 complete masquerade faces, nine being frowns and four being smiles. Two people are allowed to work on the puzzle at any one time. The teams strategize and then the competition starts. Theo and Abe begin the puzzle for Road Rules. Real World already claims they have the puzzle figured out and start with Coral and Tonya, while Rachel tells them how to arrange the pieces. Steve from Road Rules says his puzzle mastery goes back to when he was a wee child and he had no friends. Only the puzzles were his friends. His penchant for puzzles pays off because while Road Rules zips through the game, Tonya and Coral move in slow motion. Rachel suggests that Matt and her switch in order to complete the puzzle faster.

Alas, it's too late and Road Rules finishes first and banks $10,000. Each team has won one mission now. They have a half hour to decide who is going to the gauntlet. It's unclear why the Real World team has the bright idea of separating into gender groups to decide who should go, but the gals split off and when they can't decide, Coral suggests they vote between herself, Irulan and Montana because they were the first three out of the pool in the Snake Soup mission. The guys decide that Montana is their weakest link. The Miz splains it to the team, "We need someone that's gonna step up… Montana, we think you should go." Surprised by their brutal honesty, Montana is embarrassed that she is the second person to face the gauntlet. Montana sits with some of her teammates and discusses the hypocrisy of the decision to send her. She says it's hard to go into the gauntlet pumped up when your team thinks you are a big lame loser. She singles out Mike for blowing smoke up her ass. Mike, being the nice guy that is, apologizes for "putting smoke up her ass."

Road Rules uses their trusty point system again and decides their voting should be based on the previous mission. Sarah is shocked that some people are still giving her "threes," but Katie is confused as to why is voted to go to the gauntlet. She was not one of the first three people out of the pool yesterday. Former teammate Steve says he knows and loves Katie, but doesn't trust her in missions. Katie is pissed and feeling betrayed by her team and says she'd rather just go home now than go to the gauntlet. "If I lose, go Real World!" she cracks. Katie bitches to Adam about a familiar concept called: hypocrisy. Not one to hold back, a feisty Katie says she hates everyone on the team except Adam and she's "not down with the fake s-t" and doesn't want people coming up to her saying "Go Katie." Woo. Woo.

The girls roll "Ride 'em Cowboy" as their gauntlet challenge and both women have to ride the mechanical bull until one falls off. Luckily, Montana has some experience with this here mechanical bull thing and has even won one of them contests before. Needless to say, she is very confident going into this competition. Road Rules gives Katie a cheer as she tries to be mature about the situation. Soon after the bull begins to buck, Montana starts to fall off and uses both hands to keep herself up, which disqualifies her. Katie wins and her team runs to congratulate her. Love is all around. Due to consecutive losses in the gauntlet, the Real World team is down two players now. Montana says goodbye to her one friend, Elka, and Mike is rumored to have mumbled under his breath: "You are the weakest link, goodbye!" Ok, not really. But it's funny, right?

Tina warns Katie her that her vote is influenced by Katie's attitude and Katie can't just say whatever she wants to her teammates, but Katie defends her actions. Meanwhile, Sarah tells her team that they have to change the way they vote people off, otherwise they are going to end up hurting a lot of their teammates. She doesn't like this false comfort that is given to the people facing a vote-off. Veronica makes it plain and clear that they are going to keep sending their weakest players into the gauntlet because they don't want to sacrifice the strong. "Especially with their attitude, they're not making us like them, so we don't really feel attached to them," Veronica, like, says. Katie backs up Sarah and major drama ensues. Katie goes off on Veronica for playing the game "dirty." Roni and her teammates have to remove the urban cowgirl from the situation.

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Acumen, "Just A Bastard"

PB & J, "The Well"

I Amuse, "As The Summer Pass Us By"

Nova Lounge, "A Better Bomb" Junior Senior, "Move Your Feet"

DJ T Bird, "Do The Thang"

I 94, "So Alive"

Super Suckers, "Fight Song"

I 94, "Who Knows"

Gary Numan, "Torn"

Mathematics, "Motion Lotion"

 Static X, "Black & White"

I 94, "Alright" The Jealous Sound, "Hope For Us"

The Gatsbys, "American Dream"

New Past Life, "Break A Little Off"

 LadyTron, "True Mathematics"

D Super, "Song For Link"

Gary Numan, "Dark"

Gary Numan, "Hybrid"

Ruff Stock, "What Kind Of Spell"

DJ Assualt, "My Dick"

Lazy Bones, "50 Paces"

Pfilbryte, "Kankor Soar"

Greg Johnson, "Save Your Self"

 Calla, "Don't Hold Your Breath"

Greg Johnson, "Save Your Self"

I Want My Mommy, "Ripped Off By A Girl Scout"

D.U.S.T, "Truth"

Pilot To Gunner, "Action Items"

D.U.S.T, "In My Blood"

DJ T Bird, "Do That Thing"

 Calla, "Strangler"