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Episode 1 (Part 2)

Matt receives their first clue that tells them they must wear a bathing suit. Nathan is worried about the people on his team who are afraid of water, which includes David who, despite participating in previous Challenges that involved water, never learned how to swim. The object of the challenge is to tread water and the last person who is left will earn $10,000 for their team. Oh, yeah, like there's not gonna be a catch. Turns out the name of the challenge is Snake Soup and they will all be sharing the pool (58 degree water temp) with hundreds of snakes.

Only a few seconds into the competition, David and Coral both get out of the pool. Sarah stuck it out as long as she could and is about the sixth person out. Abe is disqualified because he misunderstands the rules and gathers the snakes near him and pushes them all aside. At 42 minutes in, Darrell looks at the side of the pool to see that most of his teammates are already out and he is disappointed at their performance. Almost an hour in to the mission, phase two requires each team member who is left to put their arms above their head. If their elbows hit the water, they're out. Elka is the last one in the water and wins $10,000 for her team. "Where did this girl come from?" says a confused Abe.

Now the teams must decide who will go to the Gauntlet. Road Rules chose to use their "scientific" anonymous number system. They will vote on the top three people they'd like to see in the gauntlet and then take the top three point receivers and vote on them again. Sarah receives the most votes; Roni (Northern Trail), the second most and LT is third. Sarah is shocked that so many people voted for her when she was sixth out of the pool and LT got out before her. She knows they based their decision on her previous Road Rules experience.

Real World talks about sending a stronger person versus their weakest player. They go around the room and say aloud who they would like to see go to the Gauntlet and why. David gets 10 votes and Matt is second with four. Not impressed with Matt, Tonya thinks that he's here to "save us." Some team members are worried that this open forum will cause some politics to flare because everyone is aware of exactly who voted for who.

Sarah is worried about going up against "The Hulk" (David) in the Gauntlet. David rolls the Gauntlet dice and they land on "dead man drop." Sarah says she's gotta suck it up and do this for her, not anyone else. They both must hang upside down by their feet, over water, and the first one to fall loses. Sarah calmly walks away with a win as David plunges into the water. Laterrian is proud of Sarah and says "she spoke very loudly by winning the Gauntlet despite the fact that she felt like she was betrayed by her team." Her former teammate Darrell was even surprised that she won.

Sarah explains her motivation. "I hate to admit it, but I couldn't have done it without my team. Their help, their previous experience, combined with my will to piss them off and prove them wrong has created such a wonderful vibe between us."

Matt seeks advice from David on how he can bond with the Real World team. David tells him he needs to start building relationships and be cautious about forcing his agenda on the rest of the group.

Coral is not pleased that one of their strongest players was sent to the Gauntlet and is hoping their strategy will change next time. As David says goodbye, everyone is one step closer to the $300,000 prize. Who will be left standing when the dust settles? Keep your enemies close and watch your back because The Gauntlet has begun and neither the strong, nor the weak are safe from being sacrificed. Hey, Road Rules. Hey, Real World. Atta-way!

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