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Episode 17

The Real World and Road Rules are in the middle of their final challenge. Coral pleads with her team to just leave her and take the 10 minute penalty, but Mike angrily insists that she get up and continue on. Coral says she blacked out and whatever is going on with her is beyond her control. At Mike's command, she gets up and Mike and Alton help her walk, but Norman decides that they should take the 10 minute penalty and Coral is left in the forest. Both teams are now at the Gold Dig and the Road Rules team is very tired. The Real World team knows they have a lot of time to make up, so they try to hustle. Meanwhile, Coral receives oxygen, but still has difficulty breathing. She says she can't see out of one eye and her toes are becoming numb. When Coral receives medical attention, she mentions she is allergic to spiders. She is then taken to the hospital.

Even though the two teams are neck-in-neck, but Real World still has a 10 minute deficit. At the Goldie-Locks mission, Road Rules have difficulty opening the lock box, while Read World figures out the code quickly and sets off for the next challenge. Road Rules is afraid they are now going to lose the mission. Real World arrives at the final aspect of the mission where they must put the puzzle together, Real World knows this is where they can make up the 10 minutes.

Road Rules finally breaks the code and arrives at the puzzle and Theo notes that "The Miz" beat him two years ago in Cabo San Lucas on the puzzle and now it's his turn to return the favor, so to speak. But Mike is confident his team can still pull out a win. Both teams struggle with the puzzle, but it's Road Rules who finishes first and crosses the finish line and they can't believe it. Mike's stomach drops when he sees the Road Rules team celebrating. Adam says this win feels very, very special, while Mike notes that this is one of the hardest missions he's ever had. Sarah cannot believe that she won and Rachel says Sarah really pulled through for her team. Sarah says she never pushed herself so hard in her entire life and she wanted to give up so many times, but she's glad she didn't. Meanwhile, the intensity of the mission begins to take its toll on the Real World boys, as they begin bicker and argue about whether or not Coral should have been on the team for the final mission. Mike feels like Coral quit on the entire team and since apparently he can't think for himself, he believes he was manipulated into believing that she should stay on the team.

At the emergency center, Coral learns she had a severe allergic reaction to a spider bite and she wants her team to know that she didn't quit and the fact that her team wasn't at the hospital to see what happened will really affect how they view the situation. The older, wiser Real Worlder Norman says his friendship with Coral is more important than money and a car.

Jonny presents the check to the Road Rules team and they learn they have won $230,000 and Saturn Ions. Theo says he is going to give some of his money to his mom and help his brother get a car. Sarah says now that she has some extra cash, she can get a job that she actually wants and stop settling so much. Sarah didn't even think she was going to make it past week two, but she kept fighting and she is proud to say she won a challenge.

Mike says he's come away with this challenge with a bunch of prizes and a girlfriend, so life's not that bad for "The Miz." Nathan finally admits that money is, er, isn't everything and he mostly just psyched that he got to do some really cool stuff on this trip. Nostalgia takes over and everyone reminisces about the great memories they formed in Telluride. But one question does remain… will Mike and Corals friendship survive this traumatic final mission?

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Ill Kid, "The Gauntlet Theme Song"

Angry Chiwawah, "Please"

Steriod Maximus, "Naught"
 Barenaked Ladies, "Another Postcard"

Echo 7, "Beneath The Surface"