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 The Wheels on the Bus
Episode 9

After agreeing to forget everything that happened in London, Ally and Jaime go shopping for college stuff with Jaime's mom and brother. Jaime is completely overwhelmed by the whole experience. While she and her mother pick out the important dorm supplies, Ally and Michael goof around. Ally has found a rocking horse which she thinks is just like Seabiscuit (everything except the fact that it's made of wood). After she tries out her best jockey skills and busts a stirrup they flee the scene. Ally asks, "Do you think they have cameras?" Guess she's not thinking about the camera crew that has been following her 24/7.

Jaime has her future determined (at least for the next four years), she's heading to an Ivy League school but Ally is still freaking out about her future...she has yet to figure out what she's going to do. Ally decides her first step is to find an apartment with her two cousins, Mike and Joe. They head out to go apartment shopping together. Her cousins are looking for someplace they can bring their moms to and is accessible to the subway. Ally agrees 100 percent. (We thought Ally doesn't take the subway--no f'in way!). While the trio is in a taxi on their way to see an apartment, they realize their cell phones aren't working and the traffic lights are out. Something is awfully wrong! Welcome to the blackout of 2003. The taxi driver somehow manages to take them to the Tommy Hilfiger store (that's where we go in an emergency too) where they meet up with her Aunt Ginny. To take their mind of the great blackout they go shopping at her dad's store.

Meanwhile, Jaime has been "trapped" at home with her mother Sheila and Aunt Jeri. Her mom thinks it's exciting and starts reminiscing about the great blackout of the 70's, but Jaime is completely freaked out. Michael, Sheila and Jeri make the best of it and play cards. Jaime settles for awhile until Sheila sits in the window sill. What if she falls out the closed window!? Jaime begs her mother to get down and stay on the ground with everyone else. Sheila reluctantly agrees but is obviously entertained by provoking her daughter.

After Ally, Aunt Ginny, Mike (there sure are a lot of Michaels on this show) and Joe are done shopping, Ginny suggests taking the 6th avenue bus to get to Ally's car which is parked at her dad's office uptown. Ally is really excited to cram into a bus and was surprised it wasn't that bad. Who knew public transportation could be enjoyable? As the sun sets, they finally make it to Ally's car and escape the city.

Now safely in Connecticut, Ally gets a call from Jaime to discuss their plans to go to Six Flag's Great Adventure Park. Ally drops the bomb that Liz found out about their plans and now really wants to go. She tells Jaime that she doesn't want to hurt Liz but since she was invited by Jaime and her mother, it would be rude of her to invite Liz. Even though we couldn't hear it, we're sure Jaime was breathing a sigh of relief on the other end of the phone.

Ally and Jaime's school chums meet up, along with Ally's little brother Richard, and Jaime's brother Michael. They pile into a van and head to the park. On Richard's advice they get VIP passes for $50 bucks and are able to cut the lines. Needless to say everyone standing in the long lines wasn't too thrilled. After a day of fun they pile back into the van and head back to the city.

Ally gets a call from her dad asking her to come work with him. She's not sure that's something she wants to do but he "needs" her. She tells Jaime about an article she just read about Missoni, Donna Karen and Ralph Lauren (those are all designers) having their "offspring" work with them. So maybe she could help her dad revamp his Juniors line. She has tons of ideas to share. Like a best friend should, Jaime fully supports Ally's decision. All is well in the Rich Girl's world.

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The theme song for Rich Girls, “This Town” is performed by Lillix. See the full-length video of their new single “Tomorrow” and check out more songs by Lillix on their A-Z page.

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