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20 Questions

1) Tell us about yourself.
I'm 18, I was born in NYC, lived in Tenafly, NJ for awhile and moved back to NYC when I was 13. My family is incredible; I love them more than anything in the world. My mom and dad are my support system. I have a brother Michael, 17, and a half sister named Leighton who is older and married.

2) Describe yourself in three words.
Intellectual, creative, passionate

3) What makes you happy?
My family, my amazing friends. Writing in my journal and working on my 1st book, fashion and shopping, yoga, and my teacup Maltese puppy, Star.

4) How long have you known each other?
3.5 years. We get along so well because in as many ways we are similar, we are different. We balance each other out and understand one another we can be wild and crazy together, or we can sit and laugh and have an intense convo...for hours at a time.

5) Describe each other in three words.
Ally is eccentric, creative, and deep.

6) Describe one particular moment you've spent with each other that is one of your favorites.
Two summers ago we road-tripped to Nantucket and spent the whole six hour drive telling each other absolutely everything. It was the most amazing conversation and it was when I realized we would be best friends for life.

7) What are your pet peeves about each other (if any)?
Ally always plays with her ear. It's kind of funny.

8) What are you looking for in a guy? What do you find attractive?
Someone who is mature, responsible, fun and intelligent, who I can laugh with and who has the potential to be a best friend.

9) Describe your ideal first date.
Anything, as long as there is a good conversation and a lot of laughter.

10) What's your favorite vacation destination? Where's the one place you're dying to travel to?
I have been going to Bal Harbor/South Beach, Florida my whole life. I also love LA! I'm dying to go to Italy and the South of France.

11) Have you ever had a job? If so, what was it? What's your dream job?
When I was younger I used to be a musical theatre actress so I have done a bunch of shows. I once did a BCEFA charity performance of Rent on Broadway. I worked at this fabulous clothing boutique on Nantucket called "Eye of the Needle." I helped Ally on her Nantucket TV show In the House. I'm producing this show! It's a full-time job! My dream job is to write, produce and act in my own movie or Broadway play, and own my own clothing store! I am also working on my first book which I want to publish shortly.

12) What are your three favorite movies?
The Hours, Chicago, Girl Interrupted

13) What's the best party you've ever been to? Where was it, who was there and what happened?
My 18th b-day party at one of my favorite restaurants, Serafina, and then dancing at a lounge called Anita's. It was all my closest friends and we danced and had a crazy time all night long!

14) Name five hottie celebs that are on your "wish list"?
1) Taye Diggs
2) Ashton Kutcher
3) Brad Pitt
4) Damian Fahey (MTV VJ)
5) George Clooney

15) What are you hobbies? What do you do in your spare time/for fun?
I write, I act and sing, I practice yoga, watch movies, shop and I love just chilling around the Barnard Columbia campuses and other gorgeous places in NYC like Central Park!

16) What items could you not live without? Name some beauty/style items, some accessories and/or clothing items you love.
Juicy Couture sweats, anything made by Mark Jacobs, Nars' blush, YSL mascara, stilettos! My flat iron!

17) Who do you admire? Who's your role model? Who would you like to meet if you haven't already?
My mother, Sheila. She suffers from Multiple Sclerosis and is in pain every single day, yet still remains positive and happy and always has a smile on her face. She is so brave and has such a wonderful soul. I would have loved to have met Frank Sinatra, since my dad, Leo, is so much like him!

18) What's the biggest misconception about people with money?
That it is all that matters to them and that they think they are above everyone else.

19) What do you hope people will learn from watching the show?
That no matter how fabulous anyone else's life may seem, underneath it all, we all have problems. We are not always happy, we need our family and friends for support and in the end we are all human!!!

20) Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
I hope my first book will be published and I would have produced another TV show. I'll be working on my screenplay and hopefully acting either on Broadway or TV/film.

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Photo: Sebastian Artz