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The Osbournes

Exclusive Interviews: Kelly

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MTV: What is your favorite CD or CDs of all time and what are you listening to now?

Kelly: I don't really have a favorite CD of all time, because I haven't really lived. It's the kind of question where like in 20 years maybe I'll know what's my favorite CD of all time. But right now I like The Strokes' Is This It, I think it's a really great CD. I like the Starsailor CD, it's really good as well.

MTV: What is a recent film you saw which you liked?

Kelly: This is really sad and kind of embarrassing, but I saw that Mandy Moore film, and I cried four times in it. I'm not s**tting you! I saw that and I'm thinking, "Oh my God, I'm such a f**king idiot, I'm crying in a Mandy Moore film." But she was halfway decent in it, and it made me cry. So was the rest of the theater, even the guy sitting next to me that looked all tough in his Fubu and gold chains--he was even crying. It was just like, "Oh God, this is so sad!" That's kind of embarrassing.

MTV: What is the best concert you've ever been to, or your favorite show in the past year?

Kelly: I did see a lot of good bands last year. I didn't get to stay very long but I really like this band called Ecreslin, they're really good. Last year I saw the D, Tenacious D. They opened I think for the Foo Fighters, I can't remember, but they were really good. And the Incubus show was one of the best shows I've seen so far. They played the Universal Amphitheater and it was really good. I've seen them like 35,000 times now.

MTV: Do you have a city that you want to live in when you get older?

Kelly: New York. There's a sense of independence there. And you don't have to drive. If you want to you can walk. It's halfway between L.A. and England, so you get a mixture of both types of people. I think people in L.A. are so concerned about how they look or who they know, and what their life story is with money and whatever. It's not such an issue [in New York]. Well, maybe it is depending on what group you associate yourself with. I think L.A. is filled with so many struggling people, striving to find something that most of them will never find, and in the process they're just making themselves miserable. I mean, when you're young, like 12 or 13, it's fun to live here [in L.A.] because there are lots of little things to do. But when you get older the actual people that are here just seem so unhappy all the time. Everyone's so skinny with fake t**s and blond hair. I kind of don't fit into that here.

MTV: How did what happened on September 11 in New York affect you? What did you think about it?

Kelly: At first it was like a shock and I couldn't really fathom what happened. We were in New York when it happened. My dad woke me up in my room, he called from the other room and goes, "We're under attack! America's under attack! Come up to the room now!" And I'm like s**tting my pants like, "What f**k is going on?" I'm like in my underwear, so I stick a t-shirt on and run up to my mom and dad's room, and we went onto the roof of the hotel and you could see everything. And it was just like--I just don't understand how one group of people can hate another group so much, that they [would] do something as drastic as kill them all. There is no reason for what happened. We went down to ground zero, and when I saw it, you just get this feeling that's indescribable. They pulled out a police car when we were there and it was like, maybe there is still a cop in that car that died. It's the most awful feeling. I don't think it's ever going to go away-- the fear of something else happening. But you have to get on with it.

MTV: On a lighter note, let's talk about your style. Where do you get your inspiration for style? Who do you think dresses cool?

Kelly: No one today. I think everyone dresses the same and boring. And if they do try to be a little different, it's just too much. Like in England there was this crazy model named Sandra Rhodes. And she's like this amazing woman who'd have a different poster and the money would go to charity. The way she still dresses is amazing. Like old Madonna and Cindy Lauper, that kind of thing.

MTV: Favorite thing to do with your friends?

Kelly: Just talk s**t, like when we go out, we just go to clubs and stuff. My favorite thing to do is to go to one of the chi-chi clubs where all the celebrities hang out and put sunglasses on and just watch all of them. Because they really are the most ridiculous people. Like seriously, it's so fun to watch. I'm probably more ridiculous than them but it's just fun to watch.

MTV: What are your favorite classes or most disliked classes?

Kelly: Math is my most disliked class--I f**king hate it. I cannot do it. I mean, unless you're going to be a construction worker or accountant, why the f**k do I need to know trig or anything like that? Like, they try to teach you to be a well-rounded person, yes, but they're making my life hell in the process. I'm good at science and history, they're my favorites.

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