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The Osbournes

Meet the Family: Sharon
Sharon Osbourne

As "The Mom"

 Family Photos: Sharon

Sharon's ingenuity and creative flair is well documented. When other music festivals would not add her husband Ozzy to their line-ups, she created her own summer festival, OZZfest that has out grossed and outlasted all others. She was the mastermind behind the groundbreaking reality series "The Osbournes," a series that changed the landscape of television. Now as host of her own talk show, "The Sharon Osbourne Show," she will transform the talk show format like only Sharon Osbourne can.

Sharon began her career in the music industry at 15 years of age as a receptionist for her father Don Arden's management company. It was while working for her father that she first met Black Sabbath and its lead singer Ozzy Osbourne. Sharon was 17 when she first met Ozzy and their paths would cross on and off over the coming years. It wasn't until 1979 that Sharon began managing Ozzy's career. At the time he had been fired from Black Sabbath, but Sharon believed in his talent and became the mastermind behind his spectacular 24-year solo career, guiding his ascension to become one of rock music's true icons.

Eventually their business relationship turned personal and Sharon and Ozzy were married on July 4, 1982. They had three children -- Aimee, Kelly and Jack. Because of Ozzy's touring schedule, the couple raised their kids on the road. Sharon refused to let anyone else raise her children and it wasn't uncommon for the back of the tour bus to be converted into a nursery. Sharon and Ozzy's union has had its ups and downs, but after 21 years, their marriage is strong and has defied the myth that rock and roll marriages don't last.

During her 35-year career, Sharon's work ethic has given her the strength to juggle an international company, Sharon Osbourne Management, run two record labels, become a concert tour and film producer, start a charity and -- nurture her family. She managed to put her family first and yet successfully navigate the male-dominated waters of the music industry to become the most revered woman in the business.

After establishing Ozzy as a multi-platinum recording artist, she searched for a vehicle that would allow Ozzy to do what he loves most, perform. Sharon's vision for the perfect summer concert festival was set in motion with the 1996 launch of OZZfest, headlined by Ozzy and now in its eighth year. Under Sharon's direction, OZZfest has become the king of festivals and has propelled many of today's rock stars to superstardom. Every summer, OZZfest tours the states and internationally to bring the very best rock music has to offer to fans everywhere.

Whatever the success of The OZZfest, it was no match for the most unanticipated media phenomenon of the last few years: "The Osbournes." When Sharon first approached MTV execs with the idea of doing a "reality series" based around her family, no one expected the impact it would have on the "reality" television genre. "The Osbournes" featuring Ozzy, Sharon, Kelly and Jack, garnered the highest ratings in MTV history. Moreover, "The Osbournes" won an Emmy for Best Reality Show presented by the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences at the 2002 Emmy Awards ceremony in Los Angeles. The show was renewed for two mores seasons and continues to be a huge success for MTV.

The phenomenon of "The Osbournes" changed the family's life, especially Sharon's. She immediately struck a chord with fans that identified with her as a mother, wife, and friend. Before long, Sharon was featured in Harper's Bazaar, Vanity Fair, Spin, and on the covers of People, Rolling Stone, Blender, Entertainment Weekly, to name a few. Sharon's one-hour interview with Barbara Walters was the highest rated "20/20" program in the last two years. She quickly became a favorite television guest with numerous appearances on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno," "Live with Regis & Kelly," "Late Show with David Letterman," "Good Morning America," and "The Today Show," to name a few.

Sharon, however, did not find her life in the wake of "The Osbournes"' success to be without pitfalls. In her case, it was more than a pitfall - it was life and death. Diagnosed with colon cancer in July 2002, Sharon spent the rest of the year coming to grips with her own mortality as she was ravaged by chemotherapy and its attendant sickness. Her bold move to let the MTV cameras document her illness during the filming of "The Osbournes"' second season, helped to shed light on the disease. Now, fully recovered and with the cancer in remission, she started The Sharon Osbourne Colon Cancer Foundation with the mission of providing free screenings and healthcare to those who can't afford it.

Sharon Osbourne's philosophy is simple: "Live everyday to the fullest, and don't save for tomorrow what you can do today." She is honest and not afraid to talk about her own personal issues with weight, her plastic surgery, or her family. Her spirited approach to life, love and business has given her many blessings. Through hard work and dedication she's raised a loving family, created successful businesses in music and television, won her battle with cancer and, now, she's taking on daytime television.

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