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We caught up with two members of pop sensation Eden's Crush, Ana Maria and Nicole, while they were visiting the MTV studios. The girls revealed their love of wild canines, first bonding experience, and which group member just won't shut up.
  MTV.com: Have you seen X-Men?

Nicole: I absolutely loved X-Men. I thought that it was so creative. I thought the costuming, the scenery, everything--it was just so amazing. I didn't think I would like it when I was going to see it, because I don't know the background of X-Men. I don't know the comics or anything, but I just loved it. I thought all the characters were wonderful. I fell in love with the Wolfman, or whatever--

Ana Maria: [laughs]

Nicole: What's his name?

Ana Maria: The Wolverine?

Nicole: The Wolverine. I just thought he was amazing. It was just very strong, and [watching the movie] was just like I was a little kid…I loved that movie.

Ana Maria: When I saw it, I didn't know the comic, I didn't know the characters or anything…but I love action, I loved the Wolverine, and I loved Anna Paquin. I thought they were really good together. I really liked their chemistry. And of course the makeup and everything was awesome, like that one guy--Sabertooth, or whatever? All his makeup and everything. I didn't like, however, Halle Berry, that her powers were like--when she really needed it, she couldn't. It made her seem a little too weak, and I didn't like that.

Nicole: Yeah, I know what you're talking about. It's like, "come on, come on, can't you just save the day?" But in the end, everything came through….It was a fun movie to go to.

  Billy Elliot  
  MTV.com: What about Billy Elliot?

Ana Maria & Nicole: Yeeesss! Awww…. [laugh]

Ana Maria: There's a whole story behind this, see, Billy Elliot was the first bonding movie that us girls had in our house in L.A. when we moved in.

Nicole: We had the DVD from [executive producer] David Foster. He let us watch it.

Ana Maria: He lent us his videos and stuff…so we're sitting in our living room watching Billy Elliot, and crying and laughing all together. I have to say, I really liked the movie. I totally fell in love with the boy. Loved his character, loved everything. I thought, "oh, my god"--because it was kind of a struggle, and…we could kind of relate to it and stuff, so it was kind of cheesy, but…except for the fact that Nicole here couldn't stop talking throughout the whole thing, I really enjoyed it.

Nicole: [laughs] I'm the worst with watching movies, I ask questions--

Ana Maria: Every five seconds.

Nicole: I can't help it!

Ana Maria: She's like, "what did they just say?" And I'm like, "Nicole!" She's like, "but why did his mother have to die?" or, "why this?" And I'm like, "Nicole, just be quiet."

Nicole: Yep. Everyone who knows me, that's just how I am when I watch a movie.

Ana Maria: And towards the end we were jabbing her and stuff. But I loved it. It made me cry and laugh and everything.

Nicole: I loved the story. It was very simple, it was very sweet. I loved that the little boy was just very real, a very realistic actor. I didn't think he was acting at all. And I loved the relationship…of the father and the family….And I just loved seeing the father grow, and the father being supportive, and--

Ana Maria: At the beginning he wasn't though.

Nicole: He wasn't. But the thing that I found out was, through the story, he wasn't just a mean dad who was like, "forget it, no, I want you to be football player" or whatever--

Ana Maria: He had a lot of pain to deal with.

Nicole: He had a lot of pain he was dealing with, but he was a very loving father. And he came from a very loving family, and I could totally feel that. And that's so important to show that relationship.

Ana Maria: The two characters that I really liked, and their relationship, was Billy Elliot with his grandmother. Like she goes wandering off, and he's like all worried…and she's like, "I used to be a dancer"--I loved that. I'm really close to my grandparents.

Nicole: It was just so cute. It was a realistic story, and I really liked the struggle between the other brother and the father, and everything that they had to deal with. It was very honest and very true. It sort of reminded me, in a weird way, of Life Is Beautiful, how it was very simple--

Ana Maria: I was just going to say that!

Nicole: Those foreign films get you.

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