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Well before Metallica, I had a really hard time figuring out what I wanted to be like. Everyone I knew told me I should be myself, but I just wasn't sure what that was. As a result I was really shy about myself around others, fairly quiet and reserved, and I did a lot of things based on what others would think of me..no way to be at all. Music was a big part of my personality so it means a lot to me, but for the longest time all I listened to was Hip Hop ( Being an inner-city African American, it was pretty much what was mostly available to me) and for a long time I was really unhappy with my life since I just didn't feel like the mold I'd been shoved into fit me. I had to have been about 11 years old when it all happened. I remember my friend left a mix tape in my room after we had just got done hittin' the bong for like an hour straight. So I put it in, and the first thing I hear is "SLAVES! Hebrew Born to serve!! To the Pharoh!" Those are the opening words one of the best damn songs written, Creeping Death. Part of me wanted to start laughing because where we grew up, we weren't supposed to be listening to that stuff, it was whiteboy music. At the same time, however, I couldn't bring myself to turn it off, I was so taken by it all. I'll admit that I'd heard some Metal before then, we had this dumbass next door to us who would be blasting the Hair Metal, which I thought and still think is lame as hell. This was so different, it had some balls, it had a blackened soul, and I found myself identifying with the moods that the music conveyed more than I ever did with any other form of art. I was born to listen and play this stuff. The hard part came when I began to bring the music to school with me from that point on, people would look at me and say "You're black! You shouldn't be listening to that!" or "You need Jesus", and while I thought it was pissing me off, I was way too busy enjoying the music to care about what anyone else thought, in fact I'd be the only one in my high school English class blasting the Metallica in my headphones when I should've been studying ( everyone else was usually listening to pop or rap), and I was proud of it. Heck even in Summer School ( after I failed English) I'd throw on ..And Justice For all in the middle of class and start going nuts to Dyers Eve in my seat, and if I was really feeling it on certain days I would sing along out loud ( you ever see a 6'3 260 pound black guy singing the whole duration of Master Of Puppets? I've been told it can be kinda scary >:D ). Metallica more or less made me who I am today, and I'm a lot happier now. I'm still pretty quiet, but that's because I choose to observe now, but I'm not hesitant to voice my opinion, sometime when it's needed and sometimes when it's not ( I really like it when it's not >D ). Most of all, Metallica got me into Metal! I'd have been lost without this stuff! My taste evolved from Thrash, to Death, to Power, I'm pretty much all over the map now, though I can't stands Glam/Rap/Black Metal ( which reminds about this lineup you're plannin'..come on guys, Avril Lavigne? Limp Bizkit? they're just gonna be jumping around on stage while Metallica plays I'm not sure you wanna go down this route, but who knows, I'm interested in hearing anyone's rendition once). In conclusion, Metal 0wns everything, Metallica's St Anger is going to be the re-summoning of the Metal Militia to do battle against just about everything else, there's no where safe for you to go so you just better make sure you're ready for it, cause there's a million other people like me willing to take up arms against transparent pop culture and dethrone the king! Thanks for the help in a rough transition Metallica!

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