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MTV News Special: They Wanted a Famous Face

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Surgery Summary
Mike and Matt believe the only thing holding them back from Hollywood is their face. They think if they look like Brad, they will be able to make it big and women will finally want them. Mike and Matt both get rhinoplasty, chin implants, and porcelain veneers and Mike also gets cheek implants.
Mike and Matt
Age: 20
Home State: Arizona

Want to look like Brad Pitt and become famous actors.

 Pre-Surgery Pics
 The guys find confidence
Post-Op Interview

MTV: Are you pleased with the results of your surgery?
MIKE: I am more than pleased with my face. I never knew that it could have turned out as amazing as it has. I feel good looking now and will forever feel that

MATT: I never knew that my teeth and face together could have turned out this amazing! I am overwhelmed with the results This is the face I've wanted to see look back at me in the mirror I'm speechless.

MTV: Was it worth it? Why or why not?
MIKE: The pain of the implants, the swelling, the staring...it was worth it and then some. There were some doubts at first, but with time came healing and this face magically appeared. And it was all worth it.

MATT: At first there was doubt I knew this was what I wanted to do, and I knew there would be swelling, but I'm very impatient, and I wanted to see my new look right away. I did choose perfect surgeons for both oral and plastic surgery; I am a prime example of their artistic beauty. It was more than worth it I would do it ten times over, as long as I had the same surgeons

MTV: What was the biggest post-surgery surprise?
MIKE: The biggest post-surgery surprise was when those who used to say I was OK looking said that I was beautiful and that they could not stop staring at me. Those who showed no interest in me before showed interest in me after. Isn't that funny how that sometimes happens!

MATT: Before surgery I was scared that I would wake up in a lot of pain That wasn't the case at all. I woke up in no pain, and have never experienced any pain with all my procedures That was a huge surprise to me. Another surprise was the minimal swelling I had Most people are extremely black and blue. An excellent surgeon who knows what they are doing will barely have any bruising and swelling, and that was what I got, "The best"

MTV: Since the surgery, have you been mistaken for Brad Pitt?
MIKE: Since the surgery I have not been mistaken for Brad Pitt. Except for in a picture that was taken, someone said that I kind of resembled him. It was the hair! I used the face template of Brad Pitt to enhance his, so deep down inside, I feel and look like him, but in that different way.

MATT: I haven't been mistaken for Brad Pitt, but it wasn't his face I wanted, it was his strong bone structure. But, I have had friends joke about how that, before surgery, I was Brad Pitt from Fight Club, as you'll see why! And after surgery, I'm Brad Pitt in Ocean's Eleven!

MTV: What would you say to teens reading this who are thinking about getting elective plastic surgery?
MIKE: Those who are down on themselves for a fault in their looks, if you know that surgery will make you happy, go for it. It will change your personality, the way you act and carry yourself forever. I never knew that I could be as happy as I am right now. I feel on top of the world by the few tweaks that I went through. Go through with the surgery now because you don't want to go through life always feeling down with the way that you look, or just accepting the way that you look, that there is nothing that you can do to look better. I am…happy for once.

MATT: Why are you waiting? If any part of you drains all your self esteem, then why live like that? The longer you go on living like that, the more it's going to affect you, and bring you down There is something you can do about it. It will change your outlook on life, and make you a happier person There's nothing to be scared about, just push yourself out the door and stop making excuses. If you don't believe me, then prove me wrong!

MTV: What's the best thing about plastic surgery? What's the worst?
MIKE: The best thing about plastic surgery was when in a sense, the curtains were pulled aside. What that means is when the swelling was finally down. I saw the final result. The final result was the best part of the whole surgery. The worst thing was when the swelling was up and I was unable to eat the "good" food for two months.

MATT: Plastic surgery gave me my life back It's a different kind of cure. When those blinds were pulled up from my eyes, I saw everything in a new light, and now I walk with my head held high The worst thing was waiting for the minimal swelling to go down I just wanted my face to be healed right away, but it takes time, and it's frustrating when you're not a patient person

MTV: Has the surgery helped you to get girls?
MIKE: The surgery has helped me get girls. Every time my twin brother and I walk down the mall or at our shopping center, girls seem to do the double look and begin to chat with their friends. I notice the eyes on us. Girls tell us all the time that we look "really" good, that we are beautiful and that our smiles are paralyzing.

MATT: Now with all the healing pretty much down, and our complete makeover, it has definitely helped me get more girls I'll walk and gezt that double take from girls, and hear the whispering that follows And what I've been waiting to hear was the comment that I am beautiful I've had such a dramatic change, that girl friends I hadn't seen in a while couldn't stop staring, and said that they wanted to cry! If that doesn't make you feel good, then what would?

MTV: Was it painful?
MIKE: I won't lie, the surgery was painful for me at least. My nose and my chin did not hurt at all. My jaw and cheek implants however hurt the worst.

MATT: My surgeries; nose job, chin, and my porcelain veneers, honestly, never hurt once. The only painful thing was the thought on why I didn't do this sooner

MTV: Do you want to get anything else done?
MIKE: When I am around my father's age, I intend to get a brow lift. My family has a history of drooping eyes. I might also get a facelift since I am on that topic already.

MATT: While I'm young, I don't plan on getting any more plastic surgery. I may get my skin resurfaced to take away any acne scars Other than that, I don't plan on getting more surgery 'til I'm much older Maybe a brow lift to refresh my face

MTV: Why did you pick the celebrity that you picked?
MIKE: I looked at many faces in the media, faces that I might want to imitate. I saw Brad Pitt and his success with the way that he looked. He was able to fit and suit all genres of films with his look. He had the perfect jaw, chin, cheeks, that was the masculine appearance that I was looking for. I knew that if I imitated Brad Pitt's appearance that I knew I would be happy with mine. And the thing is…I am happy with the results. Thanks Brad!!!!

MATT: I was unhappy with my bone structure, and wanted a look that could help advance me in films I wanted a strong bone structure, and a face that could fit any type of movie Well, I turned to actors who had a lot of success in movies, and still had a good look. Then that's when I came across Brad Pitt I didn't want to look like him, but I wanted that strong bone structure I have my own look, but influenced by Brad Pitt.

Brad Pitt Photo: Retna LTD

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