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Year: 4th
Major: Computer Science
Hometown: San Carlos, CA

Photos: Russell
1. Do you have any nicknames or pledge name? What are they and what do they mean?
Ice or Skeezo

2. Describe this past quarter in 3 words.
Jordan, Random, Magic food/drinks

3. Why did you choose to pledge this fraternity?
A lot of the guys share my points of view on life and I was surprised to find people like them in Santa Cruz where everyone is so extreme liberal.

4. What was your first thought when you realized you were going to be on camera?
I couldn't believe they were actually here to begin with. Then it got weird because you would be talking to someone and you see the camera out of the corner of your eye.

5. Before you pledged the fraternity, how many people had you lived with at one time? Were you concerned about sharing a living space w/ other guys? Why?
One room mate my freshman year of college

6. What moment from this quarter do you think will be the most painful for you to watch on TV? Why?
My birthday, if they even put it on...that night was hardcore, and the bay cruise because that was just out of control.

7. What's your porn star name? (your first pet's name and the street you grew up on)
9 soft

8. What do you find attractive? What turns you on?
Confidence, humor, easy going attitude, can do attitude, energetic.. I hate when people knit pick or get anal about something because they think it should be done their way.

9. When the quarter started, were you dating anyone? Are you in a relationship right now?
I have to agree with Nate when he says, "What's a relationship?"

10. What is the one thing you want people to know about you after watching the show? Why?
I was not around as much as other guys were because I had some hard classes that quarter and every time I was there I would relax with a beer so it looks like I'm always drinking on camera. I'm not always drinking, I'm actually the one that has to be on campus from 9 am to 9 pm every school day because of classes and all the programming I have to do for my classes.

11. What was the best/most memorable moment for you this quarter?
Bay cruise was insane...there were NOT enough cameras at that event. It's nights like that when I am reminded how random life can be.

12. What is the most important lesson you learned during this past quarter? What would you do differently if you could do it over?
Most important lesson: always stand by your brothers and do not back down from people who attack you in news papers, flyers, etc.

13. If you had the chance to hang out with one actor or musician, who would it be and why?
Tara Reid...I LOVE her eyes. Blue eyes do it for me.

14. Which night sounds like more fun: Hanging out with a hot girl or going out with your guy friends? Why?
GUYS! Girls will always be around, there is a never ending abundance of hot girls but good guy friends are very hard to come by.. You never dis your guy friends to hang out with girls...bad move.

15. If you could choose a theme song for this past quarter, what would it be and why?
Andrew put it best, "The D.O.C. theme song-----Ain't No Fun by Snoop Dogg

16. Who is the messiest pledge? Who's the neat freak? What have you witnessed to back that up?
These guys are all pigs but the active brothers helped A LOT with making the mess.. This fraternity has never been much of a neat freak organization, should have seen our old fraternity house.

17. What is the grossest/weirdest/worst thing you've witnessed in the pledge house?
Jordan went to wake up Marty completely naked with a dildo in his hand.

18. Complete the following sentences:

Frat boys are:
friends for life.

Sorority girls are:
the female versions of us, they just complain a lot more.

19. If you were president of the fraternity, what would you do?
Re-organize the fraternity structure

20. What goals have you set for yourself for after college? Are you concerned about the future, or are you ready to rock n' roll? Why?
After college...hmmmm...I was actually not planning on leaving college, I like it here.

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