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Year: Junior
Major/Minor: I take up space
Hometown: Buffalo

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Question 1:
Q: Why did you choose University at Buffalo?

A: Hot women, lots of big classes to skip. Close to home-cooked meals and free laundry service.

Question 2:
Q: Why did you decide to pledge a fraternity? And why did you choose Sigma Chi Omega?

A: I've always wanted to be a fraternity boy. I chose Sigma Chi Omega because I know some of the brothers and of all the fraternities at UB, they are the most welcoming.

Question 3:
Q: What is the best/worst thing about Buffalo?

A: The answer is C. Best: A good place to grow up in, a good place to come back to and raise a family. A good place to drink and a good place to pick up women.

Question 4:
Q: Describe this semester/pledge period in 3 words.

A: The answer is C. Holy F-ing S--t

Question 5:
Q: Describe the craziest frat party that you have been to so far.

A: The answer is C. The only one with Earl and I. We threw kegs off the roof and caused all sorts of trouble.

Question 6:
Q: What CDs are you listening to right now. What is your all-time favorite CD?

A: I don't listen to CD's. Only MP3's….everything…depending on what mood I'm in.

Question 7:
Q: What do you find attractive? What turns you on?

A: Bitches and skeegios...no, really honestly, an intelligent, smart, pretty young lady…with a good sense of humor, unique personality. Must be able to understand my personality and what turns me on. A woman who is silly and can joke around.

Question 8:
Q: Describe the worst date you've ever been on.

A: This one time at band camp….actually…junior prom in high school my date decided my best friend would be a better date.

Question 9:
Q: Which celeb would you most want to make out with?

A: Julia Roberts…..oh, I want to touch the heinie…or maybe Elizabeth Hurley…oh, baby…or maybe Penelope Cruz or Britney Spears!!!

Question 10:
Q: Which sorority has the hottest girls? Who's the hottest girl in Delta Xi Omega?

A: SDT- Sigma Delta Tau
Hot Long Island girls with J-Lo glasses. Brooke is the hottest girl but Nicole is cute w/ a better personality.

Question 11:
Q: What was your first kiss like, when was it and who was it with?

A: My dog…second grade…no really…summer after sixth grade…hot chickie, on my best friends' steps. Let's put it this way: I've gotten better since then.

Question 12:
Q: What have you learned during this semester? What would you do differently if you could do it over?

A: Kegs don't explode, life's short so have fun, dry pledges aren't dry, BABLIFUP = Beer and butts left in f-ed up places, fraternity houses are nasty, pledging is not easy--no regrets.

Question 13:
Q: Which night sounds like more fun: Hanging out with a hot girl or drinking with your guy friends?

A: More fun is juggling back and forth…hot girls, beer and brothers!

Question 14:
Q: Where's the best place to hang out in Buffalo?

A: The pledge house!!!! Anywhere w/ girls and friends…always a good time.

Question 15:
Q: Who is the messiest pledge/brother? Who's the neat freak?

A: We are all messy and neat when we have time or want to be…Paul wakes up early. I hate it. It has nothing to do with being clean, but I don't care.

Question 16:
Q: What is the grossest thing you've witnessed in the pledge house/frat house?

A: I didn't witness it. I did it...I swallowed four goldfish. Hahaha and puked or tried to puke them up…one came up and one digested.

Question 17:
Q: Complete the following sentences:

A: Frat boys are: in fraternities, but for the most part are sloppy and know how to have fun.
Sorority girls are: in sororities. Some are hot, some are not.

Question 18:
Q: If you were president of Sigma Chi Omega, what would you do?

A: Throw One Big Ass Party!!!!

Question 19:
Q: Which pledge/brother is most likely to end up in jail?

A: What...what's jail?

Question 20:
Q: What do you think about Delta Xi Omega? (Be honest!)

A: D-Z-Ho's…85% hate me. 15% like me.

Bonus Question:
Q: What's your pledge name and why? Tell us about your pledge brothers' names and how they got their names.

A: Boner--I guess you'll have to watch to find out.


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