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Episode 4:

George is in charge of the toga contest at the Student Union, and tells the pledges that they have ten minutes to pick a pledge, get a toga and go on stage. Alex is chosen. Since there is such a small amount of time, the guys brainstorm and decide to make the toga out of paper towels from the restroom. Turns out that this was a great choice. Alex wins the contest and makes the fraternity $200 richer.

Tim and Steve come to the conclusion that they want to get a pet for the pledge house to liven things up a bit. At first they decide that they want to get a live chicken, and paint it gold. Since they couldn't find any chickens in town, they decide to go out to the country, but make the wise decision not to steal from a farm that they found. A few days later, the guys are still on this quest but this time, decide to break into the Buffalo Zoo. Steve really has his heart set on a seal, but again the guys morals kick in and decide not to steal from the zoo.

Alex and his girlfriend Lindsay are still having problems. She is really upset that he has no time for her. For their one year anniversary, he gets permission from George the Pledgemaster, and he takes her out to an amazing dinner. They are having a great time until Alex gets numerous phone calls demanding that he gets to the Brother's house so that they can continue their line-up. Alex is so upset that he's threatening to de-pledge. Tim goes to pick up Alex and bring him to the house so he won't earn a second strike. Alex is fuming because his night with Lindsay was ruined. But, being the rational person that he is, he realizes that he has a commitment to his pledge brothers too. Turns out that there was miscommunication and George didn't realize that Alex wanted to stay over at Lindsay's. George and the other brothers really appreciate this and it really impresses them that Alex dropped what he was doing to come help out his fellow pledge brothers.

Tim still hasn't given up on the idea of a pet for the pledge house. He brings a dog into the house, saying that he stole it from the guy that lives down the road. Earl starts flipping out because he doesn't want this wild, stolen animal running and pissing all over the house. Turns out that the dog is Tim's dog, and the he was playing a trick on them. After that, the guys finally decide on some pets. They go to the store, and buy some fish and some turtles.

Lindsay and Alex are continuing to fight. She's still mad that the night was ruined. She wants to talk to him, but away from the cameras. Since this is impossible, they both storm away. Alex is starting to realize that he can't deal with the pressure from the brothers and from Lindsay. But the positive aspect is that the brothers are making him stronger and he is finally starting to realize the his relationship is not just about her, but his feelings too. He's finally starting to think about himself for once.

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