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Advocates for Youth and other MTV partners are providing ways for you to get involved, whether through educating others or issue advocacy. Find out where you can be trained as a peer educator, learn how to take political action both locally and nationally, and get inspired by checking out what other young activists are doing.

Learn how to educate your friends and other young people about sexual health. Find a center near you that offers peer training programs.
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Find a Red Cross chapter near you that offers HIV peer training programs.

 Locate a Local Red Cross Peer Education Training Program

Want to start a peer education program in your school? Find out how.

 Start a Peer Education Program

Right now, many schools do not teach about contraception and condoms; some even limit how teachers may respond to students' questions about sexual health beyond abstinence. Over 88% of young people support comprehensive sex education, which includes information about sex, sexuality and contraception, as well as abstinence. If you agree, sign the petition supporting comprehensive sex education, then send an e-mail to Congress and the President.

 Sign the Petition Now

Advocates for Youth and other partners have provided ways for you to support comprehensive sex education locally and nationally by writing to your school board, sending a letter to your newspaper and more.

 Ways To Take Political Action

Read up on how our featured activist is making a difference.

 See Who's in the Activist Spotlight

Want to know what's happening globally? Watch a video to find out what sex education is like for young people in Europe.

 Find Out What's Happening in Europe

  Photo: Scott Houston, Corbis Sygma

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Thanks to all who participated in the FFYR: Protect Yourself "Online Talk Show" hosted by SuChin Pak with Real World's Trishelle, Steven, and Leslie Kantor, a sexual health expert. Check back to view the entire discussion.

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 SEX, ETC Colum: Trishelle and Steven's Pregnancy Scare (December '03)

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