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If you're looking for reliable sexual health info, you've come to the right place. You can get a free copy of the It's Your (Sex) Life Guide, find a place in your area to get tested for HIV/STDS or pregnancy, access sexual health organizations for other care, and more.

We've got the lowdown on essential sexual health info--facts on STDs and birth control, tips on how to talk to your partner, and more, all in the online It's Your (Sex) Life Guide.

 Explore the Guide Online

 Download a PDF Version of the Guide*

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*To open the PDF version, you must have Adobe Acrobat. Click here to get Adobe Acrobat now.

Just enter your zip code or state to find an HIV testing site in your area (many also test for other STDs). Or, you can search for your local Planned Parenthood clinic, which can offer you a range of reproductive health services from testing to counseling.

 Find an HIV Testing Facility

 Find a Planned Parenthood Center

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Read Mays column written by one of Sex, Etc.s youth peer educators.

 Sex, Etc. for May: Young Activists Passionate about Pregnancy Prevention

Check out sexual health organizations and hotlines for more information on HIV/AIDS, pregnancy, birth control, protection and other issues.

 Find Sexual Health Organizations

 Find Helpful Hotlines

Is there a sexual health topic you'd like to see covered on this site? Send us your comments, and we'll use your feedback to help create content on this site throughout the year.

 Submit Your Feedback

Don't know what a certain word means but you're too embarrassed to ask? Get a list of sexual health terms and their definitions here.

 See the Glossary


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Thanks to all who participated in the FFYR: Protect Yourself "Online Talk Show" hosted by SuChin Pak with Real World's Trishelle, Steven, and Leslie Kantor, a sexual health expert. Check back to view the entire discussion.

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 SEX, ETC Colum: Trishelle and Steven's Pregnancy Scare (December '03)

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