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Fight for Your Rights: Protect Yourself is MTV's campaign to inform and empower you on the issues surrounding your sexual health. Brought to you in partnership with the Kaiser Family Foundation, the campaign will provide the latest information on HIV and AIDS, other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), and unintended pregnancy. The yearlong initiative includes special programming, public service messages, online and grassroots components, and an extensive resource and referral service.

On this Web site, you can find out where to get tested for HIV and other STDs, connect with your peers about sexual health issues, get facts about how to keep safe, get involved locally, and much more. On the grassroots level, we're working with our partners, including the Centers for Disease Control and Advocates for Youth, to bring you the facts and get you tested through our Sexual Health 101 forums. And throughout our campaign, we'll be giving you a voice to speak out on the sexual health issues that you think matter most.

As part of the campaign, MTV has partnered with some of the nation's most important sexual health and youth empowerment organizations. To learn about some of these organizations, check out our Partners page.

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Thanks to all who participated in the FFYR: Protect Yourself "Online Talk Show" hosted by SuChin Pak with Real World's Trishelle, Steven, and Leslie Kantor, a sexual health expert. Check back to view the entire discussion.

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 SEX, ETC Colum: Trishelle and Steven's Pregnancy Scare (December '03)

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