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Warrant, "Cherry Pie"
The Deconstruction of an Empty Construct

The fact that anyone would object to this video is a testimony to the presumptuousness of inanity and pseudo-concepts.
The young and impetuous female who was commenting on the video as clips were being shown (I do not refer to the host of the program who presents rather intelligently) objected to the spraying of the model in the video (whom I believe Jani Lane later married) with a fire hose and to the dropping of Cherry Pies into the woman's lap. She indicated that the use of this imagery, this physical, concrete, symbolic depiction of the linguistic metaphor at work was an offense. She didn't say whether she felt the original language was offensive and what precise offense was committed. She was never clear as to the underlying principles from which she reasoned.
In fact, this female went on to say that the fact that the song and video were funny, silly, and tongue in cheek were what she found most disturbing as the underlying message in the video was sinister and dark. Unfortunately, she never went on to explain what she thought that message was and one is led to doubt her ability to articulate her non-thoughts on that subject.
One thing that this young woman did manage to do was refer to the woman's movement and to use all the right buzz words. She was well trained in this area, but, unfortunately, not well educated or taught to actually think about the subject. Not all feminists, not any true feminists, object to this video or subscribe to the lack of thought
presented by this woman.
I do not have the time or the inclination to analyze and attack every pillar underpinning the farce of a controversy surrounding this video.
I will say briefly that the song and video in question were a celebration of the sexuality of a young man who was enjoying sex with a young woman, sharing (that means mutual) pleasure with a young woman.
The young man in the song, and whose individual persona is represented by the collective identity of the band members in the video, is singing because he is pretty happy about getting laid. Every note in the song, every lyric, and every image in the video is designed to communicate that idea. If you find that offensive, you are confused and, ironically, sexist or a religious fool which is, after all, a tautology.
As for the word oft used by the female who was "critiquing" (and I use the term loosely) the video, that is the word, objectify, that particular term is nebulous and inane. Very few people who buy the concept of objectification of women can explain what they really mean.
Those who do often accidently, when faced with the Socratic method, boil it down looking at a woman and evaluating or appreciating her physical beauty and relative sexiness. Of course, there is no good explanation as to why this is a bad thing or why the objectification of men, which women do constantly, is ok. Women objectify men in slightly different ways than men look at women, and, in some case, they do so the same way. Human beings are, among other things, sexual beings and individuals will always have both personal and universal criteria which they use to evaluate the relative attractiveness of those around them.
This is natural and is in no way offensive. If you are offended by this, then you should probably join a monastery and explore yourself.
If you are lucky, the isolation will prompt you to engage in introspection where you will discover your irrationality and you will also begin masturbating which will then lead to your spiritual awakening. Then, you can rejoin the world and celebrate your sexuality with your fellow human beings in whatever way you see fit and your
partner(s) consent.
Consent and choice are the real issues here. This video does not condone harming or assaulting anyone. Any expression which condones violence for any purpose other than self defense, violence against anyone, man or woman, would actually be offensive. This video does not condone or attempt to construct a philosophy centered on the idea of removing the power of choice from anyone, including women, nor does it assert that every woman must behave in the way that the female in the video behaves. It does not represent, is not a result of, nor is it an attempt to express any such philosophy.
True feminism is about identifying actual inequalities in society, and all differences are not inequalities (this is one way in which social critique differs from basic math). Feminism is actually, humanism in that it endeavors for equality. Gender roles by nature remove choice from the individual. Gender roles limit men and women in their self expression, in their intellectual and spiritual development, and in their interactions with each other. Many rules for behavior that exist in society, some sexist, some religious, some racist, are unhealthy for the individuals who must live under them and promote irrationality and aggression in those who would enforce them. This is why minority movements are so important, so that we can identify that which is unhealthy in our culture and remove it. We, then, promote better health and happiness for all and reach for the peak of symbiosis.
Is this video about oppression? Only a confused fool would say "yes."
That confused fool is an oppressor punishing others for other transgressions real or imagined. This is the irony surrounding such social metaphysicians. Is this video a celebration of what a given young man finds attractive and a does it revel in mutual pleasure?
Yes. Is this a young man bragging about how hot is girlfriend is and what she does for him? Yes. Is this ok? Yes. Is it ok for a young woman to brag about how hot her boyfriend is and what he does for her?
Yes. Do young women do that sort of thing? Yes. Is it ok for a young woman to brag about how hot her girlfriend is and what she does for her? Yes. Is it ok for a young man to brag about how hot his boyfriend is and what he does for him? Yes. And let's not engage in ageism, all the above is permissible for all adults. I think you get the point. Or do you?
In conclusion, the pseudo-philosophy behind the objection to this video greatly resembles the kind of oppression it claims to abhor. Subscribing to such a pseudo-philosophy can only be a result of irrationality, neurosis, aggression, hatred, and the desire to empower ones' self by placing inappropriate guilt on the shoulders of others. Please look up the antonym for misogyny. To be offended by this video is offensive.
Let us endeavor to remove such destructive ideas from our culture so that we may continue to gain greater mutual understanding and benefit
from one another.

Think about it, if you dare


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