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The rock list features icons like Radiohead and Nirvana alongside newcomers Good Charlotte and White Stripes. All are essential to your rock knowledge.

Good Charlotte: "Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous" and "The Anthem"
Radio-friendly punk rock came crawling out of a garage in Maryland and called themselves Good Charlotte. Benji, Joel and the boys took what Green Day and Blink 182 created and injected their own twin-engine energy, attitude and indie ethics into these two catchy smashes off their platinum Young and the Hopeless.

  "Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous"
  "The Anthem"
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White Stripes: "Seven Nation Army" and "Fell In Love With A Girl"
Rock genius Jack White and his sister Meg take stripped-down, low-fi garage rock and mix in whatever they feel: Delta blues, public service announcements, country, show tunes, etc. Nothing rings truer, though, than these two songs, which feature Jack's wailing guitar and screeching vocals as Meg puts her foot through the lining in your stomach with her bass drum.

  "Seven Nation Army"
  "Fell In Love With A Girl"
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Limp Bizkit: "Rollin'" and "Faith"
You can't argue with success and Limp Bizkit's victories come in the form of over 17 million records sold. "Rollin's" thunderously infectious hooks atomized all songs in its path, while "Faith" was a revamped George Michael hit from 1987 that grabbed kids feeling alienated by manufactured pop and smacked 'em upside the head.

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Linkin Park: "Crawling" and Meteora
Debuting at #1, Meteora is an ambitious, smooth masterpiece that defied rock-rap logic. It's over 36 minutes of hard guitar riffs and rap rhymes that's both meticulously crafted and painstakingly textured, and oozes artsy angst and drama. "Crawling" is the quintessential Park song that deftly integrated metal, pop, rap and techno and garnered the band its first Grammy.

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Foo Fighters: "Learn To Fly" and One By One
As a drummer, few hit harder than Grohl. As a front man, few crank out such rockin', contagious power chords and sweet melodies that form some pretty impeccable songs. Take "Learn to Fly," a nearly perfect rock song playing on the time-honored theme of returning home from a grueling tour. One by One is, pound for pound, the best album the Foos have ever made.

  "Learn To Fly"
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Coldplay: "Yellow" and "In My Place"
The princes of Brit-pop, Coldplay became England's prodigal rock and roll offspring with their sugary melodies and spiraling lyrics that resonate personally and universally. "Yellow" was their biggest hit--a cool love ballad with a tough guitar that first introduced Chris and the boys to America. "In My Place" won a Grammy for best rock performance.

  "In My Place"
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Nirvana: Nevermind and "You Know You're Right"
What can you say about Nevermind that hasn't already been said? It knocked Michael Jackson's Bad out of the #1 slot back in the glory days of '93, single-handedly made Seattle the hippest spot on the planet, sparked a grunge revolution, brought alternative rock to the mainstream...we could go on. "You Know You're Right" is the powerful, final song of Kurt Cobain's career--a repetitious and searing statement.

  "You Know You're Right"
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Radiohead: The Bends and "Knives Out"
Expansive and ambitious, Radiohead's The Bends is a thick, tasty bowl of guitar rock/electronica. The title refers to decompression sickness, when deep-sea divers surface too quickly--which some say is the band's metaphor for sudden fame. The inventive and textured anthem "Knives Out" feature rollicking melodies and haunting vocals that have become the hallmark of Thom Yorke.

  "Knives Out"
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Korn: "Freak on a Leash" and Issues
At the forefront of the alternative metal/rap movement, this gang of outcasts took internalized anger to new depths. "Freak on a Leash" spent 10 weeks at #1 on TRL and was nominated for nine VMA's. The cathartic, crushing funk-metal of Issues emphasized their prowess as musicians and was the ideal platform for the bandŐs brutal force.

  "Freak on a Leash"
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No Doubt: "Hella Good" and "Don't Speak"
No Doubt offer new wave/ska and a front woman who's hot and hella good at just about everything she does. These tunes will silence any poor schmucks who think Gwen and the boys are more style than substance. "Hella Good" is impossible to listen to without moving some body part, and "Don't Speak" is the tune Gwen wrote about her breakup with bassist Tony Kanal, and the song that made them superstars.

  "Hella Good"
  "Don't Speak"
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