Hailee Steinfeld Does Not Want Justin Bieber To Hear Her 'Love Yourself' Cover

She is def not eager to hear his thoughts

Much like the rest of us, Hailee Steinfeld is not over Justin Bieber's Purpose album. Unlike the rest of us, though, Hailee's acoustic cover of "Love Yourself" has been viewed by hundreds of thousands of people across the globe. One person Hailee doesn't want to see the video, though? Justin Bieber.

MTV's Josh Horowitz caught up with Steinfeld at CinemaCon, where she revealed she hasn't heard from Bieber about the cover yet, nor does she want to. "I was very sick when I did that, so I'd love to do a better version of it and then show him," she says.

Hailee and Josh also discuss the value in being authentic on social media, whether or not Hailee is excited to leave her teens behind, and more — watch it all in the clip above.