Charlize Theron Is So Ready To Strap On Furiosa's Mechanical Arm In A Mad Max Sequel

Witness her!

Mad Max: Fury Road is a metal-as-hell movie (partly why it was our fourth-favorite of 2015), and one of its key metallurgic assets is Charlize Theron's heroine Furiosa. Fittingly, Theron walked away from the MTV Movie Awards with a Golden Popcorn trophy for Female Performance, but we're still wondering: Will we see Furiosa -- in all her mechanical-limbed glory -- again?

"I would love to bring her back to life! Are you kidding?" Theron told MTV's Josh Horowitz behind the scenes at the Movie Awards, while flanked by her The Huntsman: Winter's War co-stars Jessica Chastain and Chris Hemsworth. "I can see how people are kind of responding to her. I look at my little girl and I'm like, 'yeah, I'd love to play this woman again.'"

Good to know Theron is down for Round Two -- whenever director George Miller is ready to give her the call. Watch what else Theron had to say in the video above.