Key And Peele Have Something To Tell You About Their Thug Life Kitten Movie

The duo's Keanu looks to be a comedic return to form

At the 25th annual MTV Movie Awards, the presenters are always celebrities we love to love. Take Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele for instance.

Their wildly successful sketch show, the aptly named Key & Peele, made us all chortle with reckless abandon for 53 episodes -- so when they ended it after five seasons at the height of their popularity, people were afraid that maybe K and P broke up their comedic marriage. (💔 ?!?)

"Key and Peele is not over," Peele said, hiding his light under a pair of sunglasses on the Movie Awards red carpet, before he brought up his new movie with Key, a film about a "gangland kitten" called Keanu, out April 29. If you're a fan of the show, Key said, "you're going to love this movie."

As for what the future of this intrepid duo looks like? "We're gonna continue to collaborate for the rest of our career," Key said. "It's too much fun." Aww.