Salt-N-Pepa Explain How That Crazy Deadpool Performance Happened

Plus, they explain exactly what 'Shoop' means

On Saturday night (April 9), Movie Award winner Ryan Reynolds had a little help from hip-hop duo Salt-N-Pepa. They sang a Deadpool-inspired version of their '90s hit song "Shoop" before before Reynolds received his Best Comedic Performance Golden Popcorn for his laugh-out-loud performance in yep, you guessed it -- Deadpool.

It was an impressive performance that involved a group of skilled Deadpool dancers, Seth Rogen, AND Zac Efron. Salt-N-Pepa and DJ Spinderella spoke to MTV News correspondent Gaby Wilson about how it all came together and, most importantly, whether or not they're fans of Ryan Reynolds.

"Who isn't?" Pepa said. "I think he's going to freak out cause we've been like stalking him since Deadpool came out."

Plus, the artists revealed what their word "Shoop" really means.

"So I think 'Shoop' is just what you're feeling," Pep explained.

"Something sexy, according to Pep," Spinderella added.

Then Pepa used it in a sentence: "I'm excited about this, so I'm shoopin' right now."

So are we, Pepa. So are we. 🙌

Watch Salt-N-Pepa's backstage acapella performance of "Shoop" right here, right now: