Deadpool Practices His Superheroing (And Jerks Off) In This Deleted Scene

Captain America would never

We always knew the Merc with a Mouth was a sexy motherfucker, but Deadpool proved that the Marvel superhero was more than just a pretty face; he's a planner, too! Like a potty-mouthed young Boy Scout, eight-time MTV Movie Award nominee Deadpool likes to always be prepared.

There are three things all superhero movies, even R-rated ones, have in common: explosions, firm butts, and training montages. Deadpool was no exception. Faced with his biggest challenge yet, Wade Wilson embarks on a ceremonial training montage to prepare for battle with Ajax -- and MTV News is exclusively debuting the never-before-seen extended scene starring the Merc himself, and Blind Al, as featured on the upcoming Blu-ray and DVD release of Deadpool, out May 10.

Now, this isn't your standard, Captain America-approved montage. Deadpool actually gets shit done. Watch as the Merc with a Mouth practices his superheroing, hangs Christmas decorations, jerks off, and wreaks general havoc in the Movie Award-worthy clip above -- accompanied by Deadpool's very own ~ sexy ~ theme song.

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