Halsey Reveals Why She Made The 'Calm Decision' To Leave Twitter

The Movie Awards performer opened up to MTV News

"I really didn't think anyone would care," Halsey said about her recent departure from Twitter. In case you missed it, the Badlands singer surprised everyone by suddenly deleting her account last weekend.

MTV News correspondent Gaby Wilson caught up with Halsey on Thursday (April 7), just days before she takes the stage at the annual MTV Movie Awards, to talk about all things social media. She's set to perform "Castle," off The Huntsman: Winter's War, for the first time at the awards show.

"I think there's a lot of people that have this image of me, like in a fit of rage, like really dramatic, like pressing the button being like -- and it's deleted!" Halsey explained in the video above. "It was actually a really calm decision. I was kind of just like, you know what, I need to remove myself from this for a little bit. There's a culture that's kind of been created within the music industry that is just incredibly toxic. ... One of my goals as an artist with a platform is to speak on the things that I think I have the power to change and it's so discouraging to feel like I can't do anything to fix this."

But don't get too discouraged, Halsey fans. Her Twitter silence won't last forever: "I think I'll be back on Twitter soon ... I've had my Twitter account since 2009, and it's been an incredibly instrumental part in cementing a very intimate relationship with my fanbase. So for this to have been the first time that I have ever stepped away from it, I think I got pretty far."

While you're waiting for Halsey to get her tweet back on, may we suggest reminiscing about the time she convinced Teen Wolf's Tyler Posey to get a shot in the butt for her "Colors" music video? Yeah, this is a friendly reminder that that happened. 😂🙌

Watch Halsey perform at the 2016 MTV Movie Awards on Sunday, April 10 at 8/7c.