James Franco Just Wants The Motherfucking Truth In This Exclusive Clip From The Adderall Diaries

'The truth's a motherfucker,' Franco tells Christian Slater

James Franco, Upholder of Justice, is a man on a mission in The Adderall Diaries. That mission is to find the truth -- THE TRUTH, DAMN IT -- but unfortunately for him, the truth's a real motherfucker, as you'll see in this exclusive clip from the upcoming thriller.

In it, Franco's truth-mongering novelist questions a convicted murderer, played by Christian Slater, in prison. As Franco tries to piece together Slater's reasoning, or lack thereof, he comes face to face with his own personal demons.

Based on Stephen Elliott’s 2009 true-crime memoir, the thriller follows the account of a novelist (Franco) of the 2007 high-profile murder trial of Hans Reiser, which he chronicles in a book while simultaneously grappling with father issues, writer’s block, drug dependency, and repressed childhood traumas. In other words, it's a real downer -- but one made instantly brighter by Franco calling the truth a real "motherfucker."

The Adderall Diaries is currently playing exclusively on DirecTV; it will be released theatrically and available on all other digital and VOD platforms on Friday, April 15.