Presenting MTV's Grossest Moments Of 2015 (Grab A Barf Bag If One's Handy)

We're pulling together all the grossest moments on MTV from the past year.

Ja Rule's Wedding Anniversary Was Utterly Unforgettable -- Thanks To His Kids

Ja Rule and his wife had an extra-special anniversary celebration during the finale of "Follow the Rules."

Acts of Treachery: This Is What Happened When Ja Rule's Kids Didn't Want To Go Camping

Ja Rule and his family went camping, but when his kids tried to ruin the trip, he got revenge.

Ja Rule Reacts To His Daughter's Brand-New Neck Tattoo

Ja Rule's daughter Brittney fooled her parents with a faux tattoo.

Ja Rule's Thanksgiving Feast Included A Side Dish Of Sabotage

During "Follow the Rules," Ja Rule and his family's Thanksgiving celebration turns into a competition.

'Don't Seem Thirsty' And Other Sage Dating Advice From Ja Rule

Ja Rule sits his son down on "Follow The Rules" to give him some dating advice.

Ja Rule Catches His Kids Having A House Party -- And His Reaction Is AMAZING

See what happened when Ja Rule found out that his kids threw a secret house party on MTV's "Follow The Rules."

Ja Rule Joins The Zombie Apocalypse

Ja Rule has transformed into a zombie with some help from "Scout's Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse."

Ja Rule Has That Chat With His Daughter's 'Boyfriend'

Ja Rule had that talk with his daughter's supposed boyfriend during the premiere of MTV's "Follow the Rules" -- watch now !

Ja Rule's Daughter Drops A Bombshell On Her Dear Ol' Dad

Ja Rule's daughter drops some big news on her father in this "Follow the Rules" sneak peek.

We're Imagining Ja Rule's New Show 'Follow The Rules' In Alternate Realities

Thanks to a joke Ja Rule made, we're imagining alternate realities for his new MTV docu-series "Follow The Rules."

#TBT: These Photos Prove Ja Rule's Family Ties Will Never Be Broken

Catch up on all the memories shared by Ja Rule and his "Follow the Rules" family with this collection of photos.

Ja Rule Goes From Rapper To Family Guy In New Reality Show

Get a hilarious preview of Ja Rule's upcoming MTV show "Follow the Rules."

Celebrities Read Sweet Tweets: MTV Edition

Watch a bunch of MTV stars -- including Ja Rule and Bella Thorne -- read fans' sweet tweets!