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How You Can Help #ProtectTransWomen

"We will protect them and show up with and for them while they are here, not just when they are taken from us."

Scenes From Friendship Park, The Only Place On The Border Where People Can Talk Face-To-Face

Photos from the only place on the U.S.-Mexico border people can see their families and loved ones

Stories From The Spot On The U.S. and Mexico Border Where People Can Talk Face To Face

Producer Mukta Mohan takes us to the only place on the border for people from the U.S. and Mexico to talk face-to-face

Mean Eggs and Scam

There’s an ad-hoc cut on my docket!

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The Whole Russia Thing

The general idea when covering something up is to make suspicious events seem benign, not the other way around.

Why Ben Carson Said That Slaves Were Immigrants

There are reasons. They aren’t good ones.

The History Of Women’s Strikes In America Is The History Of Fashion In America

However you plan to observe this Wednesday’s International Women’s Day, remember the garment workers who lived and died for women’s rights

What's ‘Economic Nationalism’? That's Up to Donald Trump — And Stephen Bannon

Economic nationalism is an old concept, but under the Trump administration, it's found new (and concerning) life.