RELEASED 07/06/2017

Lily Collins has never been one to waste time. As a teenager she flirted with a career in journalism, but decided to double down on her passion for acting and things have been paying off in a big way ever since.

Since her film debut in “The Blind Side," she’s led fantasy films like “Mirror Mirror” and “The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones,” but 2017 will likely be the year she’ll look back on as a game changer.

In this, her first visit to “Happy Sad Confused,” Collins talks openly about growing up as the daughter of a pop icon (Genesis’ Phil Collins), why she decided to open about intensely private subjects like an eating disorder in her book “Unfiltered,” and what it was like to audition for a “Star Wars” movie.

She also discusses her roles in three new projects, two films on Netflix, “To The Bone,” a candid film about recovery from Marti Noxon, “Okja,” a wild adventure from Bong Joon-ho, and the Amazon series, “The Last Tycoon.”