Happy Sad Confused

Alexandra Daddario & Doug Liman

RELEASED 05/24/2017

You’d be hard-pressed to find two films more dissimilar than “Baywatch” and “The Wall,” currently in theaters, but that’s what “Happy Sad Confused” is all about — and, indeed, this week’s show runs the gamut.
First up is Alexandra Daddario, best known for the “Percy Jackson” films and a career-altering turn in “True Detective,” who now finds herself reinvented in a sexy comic role in “Baywatch.” According to Daddario, it wasn’t all smooth sailing in her career at the outset, as she shocked her parents (two accomplished attorneys) and herself by embracing acting. Come for the “Baywatch” talk, stay for the classy chat about boobs and penises.
Later in the show, Josh welcomes director Doug Liman (his new movie, “The Wall,” is now in theaters), a filmmaker who has consistently thrown out the rule book in a career that’s ranged from “Swingers” and “Go” to “The Bourne Identity” and “Edge of Tomorrow.”
Liman is nothing if not frank about his clashes in the business, including the remarkable story of how “The Bourne Identity” went from surefire flop to phenomenon. The director also delivers some exciting details about the “Edge of Tomorrow” sequel and what it’s like to share a house with Tom Cruise (hint: you’d better bring your A game to your household chores).