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Vin Diesel Sings 'See You Again' Again For Paul Walker

Vin Diesel sings for Paul Walker at the People's Choice Awards.

Paul Walker’s ‘Fast And Furious’ Co-Stars Pay Tribute On Second Anniversary Of His Death

Paul Walker's "Fast & Furious" co-stars shared touching tributes to him on the second anniversary of his death.

Vin Diesel Is Bringing ‘Riddick’ Back To Theaters — And Maybe Even To TV

Vin Diesel revealed on Instagram that his 'Riddick' franchise will get at least one more film and an entirely new TV show.

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Vin Diesel sets the record straight about his twin brother Paul.

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What does Vin Diesel's head smell like? We found out.

Vin Diesel Holding A Flaming Sword Is Pure Joy In Human Form

Vin Diesel held a flaming sword at the "Last Witch Hunter" premiere, and reached a level of pure joy that usually takes meditation to achieve.

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Vin Diesel gives us the latest on his involvement with Marvel's "Inhumans" -- and it all comes down to Groot.

Who Would Win In A ‘Fast And Furious’ Dancing Contest?

Sure the Rock can "Hit the Quan" as we discovered this weekend, but what about the other members of the "Fast and Furious" family?

Vin Diesel Is Firing Back At Dad Bod Body Shamers -- With Pics Of His Abs

Vin Diesel has had it up to here with your "dad bod" body shaming.

'Fast And Furious': Vin Diesel Already Knows How It All Ends

"Fast and Furious" star/producer Vin Diesel tells MTV News he knows how the "Fast" franchise will end.

'Furious 8' May Have Just Hit The Gas On A Director

"Furious 8" may have clinched its director, according to Vin Diesel's Facebook.

Vin Diesel Wants To Honor Paul Walker's Wishes With This 'Furious 8' Decision

Vin Diesel wants to honor Paul Walker's wishes and get Rob Cohen to direct "Furious 8."

Vin Diesel Could Direct 'Furious 8' -- And Wouldn't Be A Crazy Choice

Wait, would it actually be so crazy for Vin Diesel to direct a "Furious" movie?

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Dom (Vin Diesel) and Ramsey (Nathalie Emmanuel) have an intense discussion in this exclusive deleted "Furious 7" deleted scene.

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Vin Diesel paid tribute to Paul Walker once again as "Furious 7" took home the Teen Choice Award for Choice Action Movie.

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The fight against evil requires follicular strength and purity of heart.

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