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Stephen Colbert Just Answered Every South Carolina Teacher's Wish With One Gigantic Gift

Stephen Colbert is helping to fund $800,000 worth of public school projects in South Carolina.

20 Secrets We Learned From George Lucas's Tribeca Talk

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Stephen Colbert Kills Death, Sings With James Franco, Walter White And JJ Abrams On Epic 'Colbert Report' Finale

Stephen Colbert signed off the 'The Colbert Report' in epic fashion on Thurs. night, inviting dozens of celebrities like James Franco, JJ Abrams and Big Bird to sing him off into the red, white and blue yonder.

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Kendrick Lamar Will Be One Of The Final Guests On 'The Colbert Report'

Kendrick Lamar and Seth Rogen will be two of the last four guests on the 'Colbert Report.'

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Stephen Colbert, Snarky Puppy And Other Surprise Grammy Winners

'Colbert Report' host took home his second golden gramophone on Sunday night.

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After a killer cliffhanger in 'Desolation of Smaug,' there are a few things we'd like cleared up before it's all over.

Stephen Colbert Joins 'The Hobbit.' Seriously.

Stephen Colbert Duets With Alicia Keys On 'Empire State Of Mind (Part II)'

Talk-show host raps about his gated community on 'Upper Middle Class Remix.'

Remy Ma's Request To Tour Europe Is Denied; Plus Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, Rihanna, Josh Hartnett & More, In For The Record

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Britney Spears Ordered To Pay $120,000 To Kevin Federline; Plus Stephen Colbert, Barack Obama, Borat, 50 Cent & More, In For The Record

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Running for president isn't as easy as it might seem.

Stephen Colbert's Presidential Bid Denied By South Carolina Democratic Party

State representative describes debate as 'vigorous' — 'I would love to see that kind of energy put toward party building.'

Can Wikipedia Handle Stephen Colbert's Truthiness?

Online encyclopedia sees spike of inaccurate entries after 'Colbert Report' piece.