'Avatar' Director James Cameron Discusses Re-Release, Future Of 3-D

'We actually think that the home experience and the theatrical experience can co-exist,' he says.

'Avatar' Could Be 'More Vivid' On DVD, James Cameron Says

Cameron says 'the strengths of the movie' will remain in home-theater version.

James Cameron Challenges Glenn Beck To A Debate

'He called me the Antichrist, and not about 'Avatar,' ' director says of Fox News host.

Sam Worthington Hopes For 'Terminator Salvation' Sequel

'Avatar' star would love to work with Christian Bale and McG again.

'Avatar' Enhanced Re-Release May Hit Theaters This Year

'We're talking about maybe adding in additional footage and doing something creative,' filmmaker James Cameron said.

'Shutter Island' Marks New Box-Office High For DiCaprio And Scorsese

New thriller trounces the competition with $40.2 million opening weekend.

James Cameron Responds To Right-Wing 'Avatar' Critics

'It's high-quality left swill,' writer/director jokes about his movie.

James Cameron Says 'Everyone's Highly Motivated' For 'Avatar' Sequel

Director says he expects deal to be signed with studio despite some 'hurdles.'

'Avatar' Director James Cameron Says 3-D DVD In Stores This November

'We'll follow up with some kind of special edition later down the line,' Cameron says.

James Cameron Says 'Avatar' Is Inspiring Environmental Activism

Director says Fox initially asked him to remove 'some of this tree-hugging, 'FernGully' crap' from film.

'Valentine's Day' Is Moviegoers' First Love At Box Office

Kid-friendly 'Percy Jackson & the Olympians' overtakes 'The Wolfman,' as 'Avatar' finishes fourth.

'Avatar' Junkies Are Proud Of Their True-Blue Fandom

'I was starting to recite the lines just before they were happening,' one fan says of his 15 screenings.

'Avatar' Ends Impressive Seven-Week Box-Office Reign

Pandora finally met its match with 'Dear John,' but we take a look back at its weeks at #1.

'Dear John' Unseats 'Avatar' At The Box Office

With 84 percent female audience, romantic drama overpowers James Cameron's latest on Super Bowl weekend.

Have 'Avatar' And 'District 9' Shattered The Oscars' Sci-Fi Stigma?

Both films earned rare Best Picture nominations for the genre.

'Avatar' Marks Seventh Week As Box-Office #1

James Cameron's latest crosses $2 billion worldwide, Mel Gibson's 'Edge of Darkness' earns second place.

'Avatar' Star Joel David Moore Confirms Cast Conversations About Sequel

'A lot of things can happen,' he says of potential story lines for a second 'Avatar' film.

How Does 'Avatar' Stack Up Against Past Box-Office Champs?

With ticket prices adjusted for inflation, 'Gone With the Wind' and 'Star Wars' blow past the sci-fi blockbuster.

'Avatar' Breaks 'Titanic' Worldwide Box-Office Record

James Cameron's blue aliens reach #1 after grossing $1.858 billion globally.

'Avatar' Junkies Explain Their Fandom: 'It's A Spiritual Experience!'

When it comes to James Cameron's mega-hit, some Pandoraholics don't know when — or how — to call it quits

'Avatar' Beats 'Titanic' In Overseas Box Office

James Cameron's latest is set to beat his 1997 epic in worldwide gross early this week.

'Avatar' Soars Above 'Legion,' 'Eli' And 'Tooth Fairy'

James Cameron's latest could surpass 'Titanic' numbers any day now.

'Avatar' Yanked From 2-D Screens In China

Chinese state-run movie distributor replaces movie with 'Confucius.'

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