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Here's what it would look like if our 2015 MTV Movie Award nominees had babies together.

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Now that we know the "Fantastic Four" movie will let its team wear the costume from the movie, we take a look at the different designs Marvel has used over the years.

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Miles Teller was the coolest cucumber onstage during a round of celebrity Catchphrase on "The Tonight Show."

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The "Insurgent" cast looks great in MTV News' pics from the big premiere.

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Miles Teller couldn't spoil you for "Allegiant" if he tried -- he hasn't read it yet.

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Miles Teller talks about the tone of "Fantastic Four" and whether an X-Men crossover might be in the cards.

A Squid, D--k Jokes And Breast Milk: Here Are Your MTV Movie Awards WTF Moment Nominees

Seth Rogen goes up against Jonah Hill in a battle for the past year’s most insane on-screen movie moment. Vote now for Best WTF Moment and tune in to see who wins on April 12 at 8/7c.

Miles Teller Looks Pretty Fantastic In These New Pics From 'Fantastic Four'

Miles Teller looks pretty fantastic in these first look images from "Fantastic Four."

Like Miles Teller? Here's Every Movie He's Making Until 2017

Miles Teller is about to be very, very busy.

Here Are Your 2015 MTV Movie Awards Nominees

Here are your nominees for the 2015 MTV Movie Awards. Fan voting begins right now.

You're Not Alone: Miles Teller Also Watched The 'Fantastic Four' Trailer In A State Of Rabid Excitement

Miles Teller, a.k.a. Mr. Fantastic, was just as excited as the rest of us about that amazing first look at "Fantastic Four."

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Celebs on the Oscars red carpet weigh in on whether they'd trade a toe for an Academy Award.

Naomi Watts Got Shut Down On The Oscars Red Carpet, But Not In Our Hearts

It looked like Naomi Watts got the cold shoulder from Ryan Seacrest on the Oscar red carpet on Sunday night (Feb. 22).

Ansel Elgort And Miles Teller Star In Prada's Spring Campaign

Is that how you're supposed to peel an orange?

Lupe Fiasco, Miles Teller & More Celebs Mourn Joe Cocker's Passing

Lupe Fiasco, Miles Teller and other celebrities pay their respects to Joe Cocker, who passed away Monday (December 22) in his home after battling lung cancer.

Miles Teller Weighs In On Your 'Fantastic Four' Concerns

So many questions are surrounding director Josh Trank's take on 'Fantastic Four,' and here's what one of the stars thinks of the mystery.

Miles Teller Reveals The Struggles Of Casting The 'Fantastic Four' Reboot

Also, 'People are really going to dig' the new Doctor Doom.

Miles Teller Clarifies 'Divergent' Comments: 'I Own My Words'

Miles Teller clarifies those "dead inside" comments about "Divergent."

Exclusive: Peep The Awkward, Adorable Trailer For Miles Teller's 'Two Night Stand'

Ahh, the one night stand. The random hook-up. That night that you'd rather forget, those poor life decisions that seemed great at the time — whatever you call it, these sort of things happens, even to Miles Teller and Analeigh Tipton (at least on screen). But when that situation goes awry? Well then you have a 'Two Night Stand' like the one in this movie trailer we're premiering exclusively right now!

The Grossest Deleted Scene From 'Divergent': Watch Now

You know that gross scene that didn't make it into the movie? Here it is! And, yes: graphic.

Exclusive: Miles Teller Was Lured To 'Divergent' With The Promise Of Punching Shailene Woodley

An exclusive clip from the behind-the-scenes documentary "Bringing Divergent to Life" shows Shailene Woodley and Miles Teller gearing up to fight.

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We picked which young stars we'd love to see in Fox's live production of "Grease."

'Allegiant' Will Get A Two-Part Finale On The Big Screen

Final book in 'Divergent' series will be split.

This Tattoo Artist Didn't Know He Inspired The 'Divergent' Tats

But he'd like them to give him a call.